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Business management training from ICAN Insitute

  • For executives of various experience: managers, directors, board members, CEOs and owners.
  • Learn about the program, experts, schedule and locations of our business management training courses.
  • Choose the best training for you and gain the competencies you need to manage effectively.

Current management training

Sales Management Program™

Do you manage salespeople? This program for sales managers and directors will give you unique know-how in recruiting, coaching, motivation, goal setting and implementation. You will increase the efficiency of your team and achieve sensational results!


Strategic Leadership Academy™

Training for people who want to gain strategic management competencies: CEOs, business owners, board members and directors. It teaches, among other things, how to create a strategy, make quick and accurate decisions, manage the value of the company and its revenues.


Personal Leadership Academy™

Soft skills development program in the area of personal leadership. Teaches how to build a strong personal brand, authority and influence in an organization. Develops negotiation skills. This is a program focused on you! Recommended for top level leaders.


First-Time Manager™

Training for novice managers and those preparing for promotion to a managerial position. Gain a solid foundation of knowledge about the work of a manager: managing yourself, leading a team, delegating tasks, motivating and communicating.

Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan


A practical alternative to MBA programs for middle and senior managers. You will gain competencies in business and team management including strategy development, negotiation, marketing, talent acquisition and economic analysis.

Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan

Strategic HR Management™

Become a strategic partner and advisor to boards of directors. Among other things, you will learn how to create an HR strategy consistent with the company's strategy and goals, make the business case for HR initiatives, recruit talent, and develop your personal brand and position within the organization.


Strategic Sales Leadership™

Training for middle and senior leaders who are responsible for sales strategy. Teaches how to plan and execute a strategy, manage the customer relationship, manage margins and negotiate. Sell more with a thoughtful strategy!


Neuroleadership Academy™

The most advanced training ICAN offers for experienced high-level leaders. Learn how to use brain knowledge for better management. Become a neuroleader and gain above-average effectiveness at the organizational and team levels.



Governance: definition and what it consists of

Management encompasses activities, processes and decisions that are intended to lead to the achievement of set goals and provide conditions for efficient operation using the company's resources. Over the years, many management theories have been developed. According to a popular definition until the 1960s, management was understood as a managerial activity that included a series of activities such as planning, organizing, deciding, motivating and controlling (the so-called classical functions of management according to Henri Fayol). Newer concepts of management define it as the practice or even the art of wisely applying resources to achieve set goals. An important aspect of management is delegation - executives, or managers, achieve a company's goals by organizing work for others, rather than by doing it themselves.

Management training: for whom

Training in the area of management will most benefit people in leadership positions: team leaders, managers, directors, board members, CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners. In our offer you will find trainings designed for leaders at different stages of their managerial career and with different levels of experience - we conduct trainings both for beginners, newly appointed managers, as well as for people who have a lot of professional experience, but want to organize their knowledge, learn the latest management methods and verify their leadership techniques with an expert. If you are thinking about your development and improving your competence, attend our management training courses. Regardless of the industry you operate in and the size of your company, you will find the right training for you in our catalog.

Business management: what our training courses teach

Our management training courses develop the hard and soft competencies necessary to successfully lead a team and a company. The topics of training are related to management in the broadest sense, including leadership, sales and strategy. Under the watchful eye of our trainers, you will acquire and improve such skills as:

  • Team management and team building
  • Motivating and coaching employees, teams
  • Creating a business strategy for the company
  • Managing yourself as a leader: managing stress, emotions and time
  • Delegating tasks, organizing team work, setting priorities
  • Create development plans for employees
  • Human resource management, methods and tools for HR
  • Recruitment: getting and keeping employees in the company
  • Budget management and finance basics
  • Methods of financial evaluation of projects
  • The use of neuroscience in management and motivation
  • Management of sales and sales team
  • Managing the sales funnel and sales processes
  • Setting goals, methods of measuring goal achievement and enforcing them
  • Negotiation and communication: creating an agreement
  • Building a personal brand and leadership authority

Of course, that's not all you'll learn in our management training courses. You can find a detailed syllabus on the individual training pages.

Business management training: how to choose the right one?

Choosing a good management training course can involve many questions and doubts. How can we be sure that this particular training will be right for us? For starters, we recommend checking what stage of career we are at, what competencies we need and what management challenges we face in our work. For example, we can use diagnostic tools and tests to identify our competency gaps and strengths and weaknesses. At ICAN, we offer such diagnostic solutions for managers, teams and companies.

When reviewing business management training, it is worth paying attention to the training program - what skills it develops and what topics it covers. If you have any doubts, it is worth talking to our consultant, who will answer questions and help dispel doubts. Such a conversation is free of charge. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of your development path. It is also a good idea to check the reviews of management training graduates.

Our popular management training courses

Among managers, our training courses such as: First-Time Manager™, Management™, Strategic HR Management™ and Strategic Leadership Academy™. These are business management training courses that develop the leadership competencies necessary for success in a managerial position.

Our trainings are strongly focused on practice. We reduce unnecessary theory to a minimum. Classes are conducted in the form of workshops with the use of business games, simulations, practical exercises in the group and analysis of case studies. We discuss many aspects of business management taking into account the individual challenges and problems of the participants. Our trainers are experienced experts who have many years of experience in management, gained from working with major Polish and foreign companies.

Business management training courses from ICAN Institute equip participants with ready-made, proven management solutions, tools and methods with scientifically proven effectiveness. Many of them can be applied immediately after the class, while the training is still in progress!

In which cities we organize management training courses

Our trainings are held in the largest cities of Poland: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan and Gdansk. This allows us to reach a wide audience, supporting managers from all over the country in their development. This is also a great advantage for management training participants - they can exchange knowledge with leaders from different industries and regions and expand their network of contacts. Convenient location also means lower costs related to travel or possible accommodation. It is then easier to reconcile professional responsibilities with participation in the training. When choosing a management training course, be sure to check the exact city where the classes are held and when each group starts.

Business management training - how we develop it

We develop our management training courses with experienced business practitioners, using the latest learning tools and insights from the market. We follow current business trends and talk to entrepreneurs about their challenges and pain points. Based on this, we update the training program in real time in terms of content, so we deliver knowledge and tools that solve real problems for participants. With our management training courses, participants will significantly improve their effectiveness, gain key skills and increase their chances for career success, such as getting a promotion, winning an important client, closing a big deal and achieving above-average results.

Let's talk about your development

Contacting us about choosing a development path is non-committal. You can cancel from ICAN programs at any stage of training, getting a 100% refund.