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Discover your path of female leadership

Gain leadership competencies and develop your inner strength with inspiring business women. You will learn how to build a personal brand and position in an organization, communicate and negotiate effectively, and create your own definition of your female leadership. What do I want to be as a leader? What are my values and what do I want to communicate with myself so that others will follow my vision?

During the training, you will be the center of attention! We focus on the person of the female leader, not the tasks of the manager. Class topics are specifically tailored to the challenges faced by women in leadership positions. This will build your confidence, authenticity and a strong foundation of leadership strength!

Need to convince your boss about your participation in training? Download a ready-made letter with an argument as to why it's worth it.

EU Directive Women on Boards -
Is your company ready for it?

Listed companies in the European Union must increase the number of women on their boards to 40% by July 2026. Organizations that fail to meet this target face sanctions!

This means that companies need to fill positions with the right people. Women Leadership Academy™ training helps prepare female leaders for senior leadership positions.

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How many women are at the top of organizations? See the latest research

Data shows unequivocally - there are still few women on boards. Join the training and together let's break the glass ceiling! For you, your female colleagues and the women who inspire us.

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Board members of listed companies in Poland are women (EU average is 25%)

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WSE companies (which are not part of WIG20, mWIG40, sWIG80) do not have any women on the supervisory board

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WSE companies (which are not part of WIG20, mWIG40, sWIG80) did not have a single woman on the board of directors

Source: Business Women Leaders Foundation Report, 2023

Benefits of leadership training for women

Strong, informed and motivated leaders mean engaged employees and more effective organizations. See how attending the training will positively impact your entire company.

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Benefits for the leader

The training will equip you with leadership competencies that will help you succeed in a leadership position and overcome a wide variety of difficulties.

  • You will develop your idea of female leadership and what kind of leader you want to be. You will discover what drives you and constitutes your inner strength.
  • You will develop communication and negotiation skills, which will allow you to reach agreement with others and create an engaging message, such as during public speaking.
  • You will learn to build a position in the company, exert influence and exercise power in an ethical way. This will bring you closer to achieving your goals.
  • You will learn the practical application of neuroscience in leadership, including tools to facilitate learning and memorization. No more ineffective brain overload!
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Benefits for the company

Improving a leader's leadership skills leads to better management of teams, which directly translates into higher operational efficiency for the company.

  • You will ensure an attractive image as an employer that supports the development of women and provides equal opportunities in the organization.
  • Educated female leaders will contribute to strengthening the organizational culture to reduce turnover and retain talent.
  • You will meet regulations mandating greater participation of women in leadership positions by preparing female leaders for the role.
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Benefits for the team

The development of a leader's competencies has a positive impact on the team's overall atmosphere, productivity and ability to succeed.

  • The training develops the mentoring competence of female leaders. The team can benefit from the mentoring relationship and have support for development, which will unlock their potential.
  • Improve communication between the team and the leader, which will promote cooperation and more efficient execution of tasks.
  • Increased confidence and motivation - improved leadership competence builds a leader's authority and makes her able to authentically inspire others.

Get inspired to grow with the Women Leadership Academy™!

Watch recordings from the "DNA of Women's Leadership" series, in which our experts share interesting insights and talk about the training.

Who the ICAN Women Leadership Academy™ training is for

The training is aimed at women in leadership positions who want to develop their leadership and be effective leaders.

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Female business owners looking to improve their leadership


Successors to key positions in the organization (including in family businesses)


Women leaders aspiring to serve on boards of directors and supervisory boards or as president


Female directors and managers who care about career development and their leadership competencies

We have been supporting business women for years - we are with you!

Check out what leaders who manage large companies say, break patterns and get great satisfaction from it.
You can read more in the report published in the 21st issue of our magazine "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland".



Adrianna Harasymowicz Stajkowska

executive vice president

Perfectionism is good, as long as it does not hinder development. It is much better to take care of self-awareness and abandon the unrealistic expectation that the world will be perfect. Boundless courage, diligence, a support system and the ability to adapt are a combination that guarantees success for women in many fields. There are many benefits associated with a deeper knowledge of yourself. You walk more courageously through the world, without looking at the patterns. You have the strength to do what is in your soul. With a sincere insight into yourself, you give yourself a chance to live more fully on your own terms.



Beata Karasinska

General Manager Central Eastern Europe & Israel

The most important actions to achieve a goal depend on ourselves and are the result of our motivations. Looking from the perspective of a person who manages a multinational corporation, I can say that in my case, self-confidence comes from my support network. I've always had financially independent women around me as role models and inspirations, and a healthy competition with my best friend meant that self-development came with an extra dose of adrenaline and satisfaction. Inspiring each other, shaking hands and cheering each other on the way to our goals is an invaluable tool that we should use every day.



Ewa Malyszko


Success for women is not only a matter of talent, but also of determination and courage to change the rules. For years I have been encouraging women not to be afraid to develop new competencies, including digital ones. Why? First of all, it's a chance for a better future and greater career opportunities. Female leaders at the top of organizations are not only examples of successful careers, but also catalysts for social change. May they become an inspiration for us to break stereotypes and empower women in business, science, society.

Business training program for women

See what you will learn and what competencies you will gain. With this knowledge you will achieve success as a leader!


Conscious leader: transformational leadership for women

During this session, we will look at different leadership models and the issue of leader consciousness. You'll learn how the level of consciousness affects our leadership and effectiveness, including relationship building, decisions, visioning and leadership behavior. We will determine together your foundation of leadership strength and self-esteem, allowing you to discover what kind of leader I am and how I want to influence the organization. You will also create a plan for individual transformation - areas for development and next steps.


The inner strength of a female leader

You will discover the answers to the questions: Is there a universal model for female leadership? How do I find what is my own, peculiar to me? What inspires me? You will define your path of feminine leadership and learn how to build self-confidence and confidence in 5 steps. You'll also learn what qualities and inner skills are key to operating freely and effectively in the world. Finally, we will talk about authentic leadership and what to do to be an inspiring leader that others follow.



This session will introduce you to the world of brain knowledge and neuroleadership. You will learn scientific reasons showing why modern female leaders need knowledge of brain function. You'll learn how our brains work, how the male and female brains differ, and how to translate this knowledge into management practices, including increasing your productivity without exhausting your brain, learning more effectively and self-motivation. You will learn simple exercises to unleash your brain's potential, as well as learning and memory strategies. You will also discover how the brain determines our thinking styles and perception.


Human skills training - applied improvisation workshop

This session takes the form of an interactive workshop with improvisation exercises that are based on spontaneity and cooperation. They will help you see your habits of intra- and interpersonal competence, as well as your patterns of thinking and acting. Practical training will allow you to see how you deal with the variability of situations (effect orientation vs. process orientation), whether you are flexible or blocked by perfectionism, as well as how you react to mistakes and give yourself space to experiment (thinking out of the box). You'll learn practical improvisation techniques that will help you generate more innovative ideas.


Inspirational leader

During this session, we will take on the techniques of effective communication and the art of productive dialogue. You will learn how to speak so that you are listened to and how to listen yourself so that you are heard effectively. You will learn about common communication mistakes and how to avoid them. You will also practice skills useful for public speaking and methods to prepare well for a speech and increase the power of your message. You will also participate in a practical multimedia workshop with camera and feedback. We will also discuss the importance of executive presence in business life and its key elements, including gravitas, communication and presentation.


A leader in the world of relationships

How are women perceived as leaders? Learn 6 proven strategies to adopt in the face of negative perceptions of female leadership. They will help you maintain your inner strength and confidence in your competence. You'll also discover what sets female leadership apart in light of generational changes. We'll talk about how to draw strength in leadership, from what is feminine, and the differences between male and female leadership. We will also look at how women identify with their goals and how they internalize failures, which will allow you to better focus on action, not fall into the trap of giving up, but draw valuable lessons for improving your methods.


Leader's agility

We will start this session with an introduction to personal branding. You will receive tips and tools to develop your personal branding, sphere of influence and authority. You will also practice how to build a foundation of power and confidence. You will learn how to use power wisely and ethically and expand your influence. You will discover what characterizes influential people and how to develop the qualities that determine success. You will also learn the secrets of communicating success effectively, supporting your personal brand and position. You'll develop a personal communication strategy: from choosing media to building a presence in them, including on LinkedIn.


Negotiation of women leaders

With this session, you will understand the specifics of top-level negotiations, or so-called summit negotiations. You will learn the differences between standard and strategic negotiations. You will learn how to prepare for talks and different negotiation scenarios, find the balance between flexibility and decisiveness, and manage unpredictable situations. You'll learn advanced negotiation techniques that will help you achieve agreement and your goals, and defend yourself against pressure and manipulation. You will also practice key communication skills for negotiation, including conveying information and intentions.


Automotivation and the personal and professional life of a female leader

You will learn what self-motivation is and why it is important in different areas of life. You will learn methods for maintaining a work-life balance while keeping your self-motivation high. With a discussion of the Zinker energy cycle, you will better manage your energy. You will also get tips on how to deal with stress and pressure and keep your motivation high. You'll develop a personalized plan for effective self-management, allowing you to develop good habits that will negate stress, frustration, constantly being under-timed and the risk of burnout.


Female mentor

During this session you will learn how to become a mentor and support people in a constructive way. You will gain key mentoring competencies and learn how to determine what role you want to play in the development of others. You will also learn how mentoring differs from other forms of support (coaching, therapy, consulting) and the principles of creating mentoring relationships. You will also learn how to use mentoring as a tool for building the professional position of Mentor and Mentee. You will learn the structure of a mentoring session and useful tools, including the mentoring contract, goal setting, the T-GROW model, and effective feedback.

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Meet our experts

They - recognized and experienced leaders - will work with you during our business training for women.

portrait Izabela Stachurska

Izabela Stachurska
International consultant and leadership trainer

portrait by Paula Wąsowska, DBA

Paula Wąsowska, DBA
Expert in the areas of strategy, new technologies, persuasion and business communication

portrait Magdalena Kieferling

Magdalena Kieferling
Strategist and trainer in the area of management and communication

portrait by Aleksandra Slifirska

Aleksandra Slifirska
Communications strategist, business consultant, mentor

portrait Dr. Maria Mycielska

Dr. Maria Mycielska
Expert in the area of diagnosis and management of organizational culture

portrait of Dominik Pikul

Dominika Pikul

portrait by Lan Bui-Wrzosinska

Lan Bui-Wrzosinska
Psychologist specializing in change and conflict management

portrait Ewa Szejner

Ewa Szejner
Negotiator, Contract Management Expert

portrait Jagna Ambroziak

Jagna Ambroziak
Psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer, coach

portrait Joanna Koprowska

Joanna Koprowska
Editor of "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland"

portrait Aleksandra Kreczmanska

Aleksandra Kreczmanska
Self-aware leadership expert

portrait Bart Jurkowski

Bart Jurkowski
psychologist, educator, improviser

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Your acquired competence is confirmed by the ICAN Institute certificate

Each participant in ICAN Institute's development program will receive a prestigious certificate. This is a document that is valued in the labor market and is desirable for both recruitment processes and internal succession plans.

Training location

ICAN Women Leadership Academy™ training location

The training takes place in Warsaw at the headquarters of ICAN Institute. It is a convenient, well-connected location right next to the Wilanowska Metro station. As a result, you will have no problem getting there.

The Women's Development Program consists of 10 two-day class sessions, held once a month in Wednesday-Thursday or Friday-Saturday cycles. You will plan in advance to attend the classes or take advantage of the opportunity to make up a given session at another time. Check the training schedule and find out when the next group starts.

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Quality guarantee: zero risk and reimbursement

We know that investing in a comprehensive, year-long program can come with concerns. That's why we are the only ones in Poland to offer you a unique quality guarantee: if after 2 sessions (4 class days) you decide that the training doesn't meet your expectations, you can cancel your participation and receive a full refund.

Yes, we will refund your money 100%. There is no risk associated with participating in the training, only growth opportunities and real results.

Dr. Witold Jankowski

CEO of ICAN Institute

Witold Jankowski - signature

Business club for graduates

After completing the training, you can join the Alumni Club. Our community brings together leaders, managers, CEOs and directors from all over Poland. This is an elite group of people who focus on development, exchange of ideas and mutual support. This is where true friendships, business partnerships and mentoring are formed. See the value of being with us!

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Want to know even more?

Do you have questions? Get a free consultation with an expert. We will discuss your development needs and help you decide whether to participate in the program.

Magdalena Witek

Magdalena Witek

Director of Sales Structure, ICAN Institute
For 25 years, we have continuously shared best practices in management and sales. One thing remains constant - the right training selection starts with an open conversation. Let's talk about your needs and I'll help point you in the right direction.

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Frequently asked questions

We issue an invoice on the first day of training. This allows the company to quickly include the training in its costs. Payment by installments is possible. There is also the possibility of obtaining funding from the National Training Fund, for which we help prepare applications.

Yes, depending on your individual needs, you can purchase individual training sessions. If you would like to purchase a session of your choice, please contact us through the application form on the website or call the hotline at +22 250 11 40.

As a participant in the Women Leadership Academy™ training, you receive a guarantee that allows you to cancel after 2 sessions (4 class days) and receive a 100% refund if at that time you feel the training does not meet your expectations. You can also change to another program that is more tailored to your needs.

Yes, after completing the Women Leadership Academy™ business training, you will receive a certificate confirming the acquisition of knowledge and competence. This is a recognized document in the management community - our graduates often brag about it on their social media profiles.

The scope of Women Leadership Academy™ training includes topics related to women's leadership, communication, negotiation, neuroscience and its application to professional life, mentoring, self-motivation and managing one's energy and stress. We also touch on topics related to female leader proficiency - exerting influence, building position and power in an organization, and developing a personal brand. We focus on leadership competencies and understanding yourself as a leader to realize your full potential in your professional life.