ICAN Strategic HR Management™

Training for HR managers who want to work effectively with management

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Start: 15.05.2024
Class location: Warsaw
7 two-day sessions
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The only such training in Poland dedicated to building a strategic HR positioning

Want management to finally value HR and treat you as a key partner? Attend ICAN's Strategic HR Management™ training that develops the strategic competencies of HR departments! You'll learn how to build a strong HR leadership position, connect HR strategy to the company's strategy, and work effectively with the board, including presenting the business case for HR actions.

The effects of the training? You'll convince decision-makers of your ideas, become a trusted advisor to management, advance your career, and have a real impact on the development of the company and its employees. Download the free brochure and learn more!

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How big a role does HR play in Polish companies?

ICAN Research's findings show that the potential of this area is not being fully realized. Be the first to do so and gain a competitive advantage.

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Only fruitful cooperation between HR and management can bring satisfactory results despite disturbing trends in the labor market!

Benefits of training for HR managers

See how participation in ICAN Strategic HR Management™ will translate into your career development and company-wide growth.

For the HR department

You will develop strategic competencies and learn about solutions to current HR challenges (Diversity & Inclusion, AI at work, job burnout, quiet quitting, struggle for talent).

  • You will gain competencies that will allow you to prepare convincing justifications for HR actions and demonstrate to management your knowledge of the business and its needs.
  • You will strengthen your position as an HR leader as a strategic partner to the board and build a strong personal brand. You will gain support for your initiatives.
  • You will learn business tools (including diagnostic tools) that will help you better understand the specifics of your organization and prepare an HR strategy that supports your company's goals.
  • You will participate in networking with HR leaders from various industries, be inspired by the experiences of others and develop a network of contacts.

Benefits for the company

The HR department will gain a new business perspective and better understand the company's strategy, goals and processes. As a result, it will build an organizational culture that will be an advantage.

  • HR initiatives will help implement the company's strategy and overcome current difficulties, such as the struggle for talent, building organizational culture and work environment.
  • Less employee turnover, which will save time and money for recruitment, and build a better employer image of the company in the market.
  • Attractive employer branding that will attract talent to the company and retain them for the long term. The knowledge and abilities of great employees will translate into success for the company.
  • Managers will receive support from HR on management, change execution, communication and team development.

Benefits for employees

Thoughtful onboarding, support in difficult situations, a work environment where you want to work - these are just some of the many benefits for employees that come from good HR.

  • The HR department, with its knowledge of neuroscience and neurodiversity, will create a workplace that meets the needs of employees and promotes higher efficiency.
  • Employees will be given rewarding individual development opportunities to unleash their potential and be more strongly committed to their work.
  • Well-organized remote or hybrid work will be an asset to the company to take care of work-life balance while maintaining high motivation.
  • HR leaders will ensure employees' psychological safety and corporate well-being, which will prevent professional burnout, frequent L4 and departures.

Who the ICAN Strategic HR Management™ training is for.

During the training you will meet HR directors and managers with whom you will exchange knowledge and experiences.

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For HR directors and managers who want to increase strategic and leadership competencies.

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HR professionals preparing for promotions, looking to increase awareness of business needs and demonstrate the value of their work to management.

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Representatives of HR departments who intend to become the main advisors to boards of directors in making key decisions.

Stories of leaders who have succeeded with ICAN

See how participation in our programs has affected their work and careers.


Livia April

Chief Human Resources Officer Board

I regularly direct top managers to ICAN Institute development programs. These are the people whose management skills I particularly want to develop, and the effective improvement of their competence is guaranteed by the high quality of knowledge imparted by ICAN Institute lecturers.

The substantive scope of the trainings, their non-trivial formula and focus on finding practical solutions are, in my opinion, the greatest advantages of the programs. Thanks to them, participants are more motivated and open to new inspiration and increase the effectiveness of their work.


Izabela Jarosz

Chief People Officer

In the day-to-day work of an HR director, I care most about efficiency, and it is related to the speed and accuracy of decision-making. Therefore, for my part, I make every effort to be up to date with the most current business solutions. Thanks to them, I can supplement my own experience with proven knowledge developed by world management authorities.

I recommend ICAN Institute's development programs not only because of the high quality of knowledge. Equally valuable is the opportunity to meet specialists from other industries.

Find out the scope of the session

See what you will learn and what competencies you will gain.


HR as a strategic business partner in building the Future-Fit-Organization

During this session, you will learn how strategy development and implementation are approached in business today and what this means for HR strategy design. You will learn what methodologies to use and how to measure the effectiveness of implemented strategic initiatives, and you will know how to navigate the maze of changes taking place (digitization, uncertainty, pace of change) so that you can build a strategy for an organization that is ready for any scenario in terms of human capital.


Strategy implementation and change management

During this session, you will learn how to become a key player in the company's strategy implementation process. You will learn how to design a communication strategy in the area of organizational change to ensure maximum psychological safety for employees, especially in the era of digitization and hybrid/remote work. You will learn how to effectively support managers in carrying out change work with teams.


Building and developing the organization of the future from an HR perspective

You will learn in session three how to build the competencies of the future and shape the right attitude of employees towards change (resilience, agility) and learning new skills (growth mindset). In addition, you will learn how to create an organizational culture that is a competitive advantage for the company. You will gain the tools you need to lead organizational culture transformation processes.


Modern methods of creating employee experience role and tasks

In session four, you will learn about the concepts of an experience-based organization and its implications for managing employees and organizational culture. You will also learn how to build an employee experience strategy that takes into account the goals of the organization and the needs and expectations of employees.


Building an effective organization

You'll learn how to use the insights of neuroscience to shape a brain-friendly workplace (for each employee), which will translate into better business results (including harnessing flow state, concentration management, using natural biological predispositions to maximize potential, new hybrid/remote work habits). You will also gain practical tools for working in the areas of diversity, inclusivity, equality, strengthening your sense of belonging.


EVP (employee value proposition) in the context of employee acquisition, retention and development: from creation to implementation

In this session, you'll learn how to build value for employees so you can attract and retain talent, use the potential in your employees more effectively, and learn how to create and implement competency models in your organization in a modern way that supports your company's strategic goals.


Building HR's position in the organization: stakeholder management, communication and persuasion

You will gain tools in defining and presenting the business case for strategic HR development initiatives (how to talk about soft issues in a hard way to convince decision makers/sponsors).

You will build a strong personal brand with skills in personal branding and key stakeholder management in implementing HR initiatives.

Download the free brochure and check out the detailed training program and additional materials for each session. Download the brochure
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Meet our presenters

They are: established practitioners, researchers and leaders who will work with you during our program.

portrait by Paula Wąsowska, DBA

Paula Wąsowska, DBA
ICAN Institute expert and lecturer

portrait Andrzej Borczyk

Andrew Borczyk
Business Leader

portrait Jacek Nail

Jacek Gwóźdź
Business consultant and Coach

portrait by Dr. Maria Mycielska

Dr. Maria Mycielska
Expert in the area of diagnosis and management of organizational culture

portrait by Dr. Iwo Zmyślony

Dr. Iwo Zmyślony
HR director, culture, service and experience designer, design process methodologist

portrait by Aleksandra Slifirska

Aleksandra Slifirska
Founder of the Institute of Media Communication, whose mission is to educate about communication in business

portrait of Dominik Pikul

Dominika Pikul

portrait Joanna Pommersbach

Joanna Pommersbach
HR consultant and leadership trainer

portrait Piotr Stohnij

Piotr Stohnij
Expert in new marketing and generational change in business

portrait Marcin Slomski, FCAA

Marcin Slomski, FCAA
Business value optimization and finance expert

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Your acquired competence is confirmed by the ICAN Institute certificate

Each participant in ICAN Institute's development program will receive a prestigious certificate. This is a document that is valued in the labor market and is desirable for both recruitment processes and internal succession plans.

ICAN Strategic HR Management™ Training Location

The training takes place in Warsaw at the headquarters of ICAN Institute. It is a convenient, well-connected location right next to the Wilanowska Metro station. As a result, participants will have no problem getting there.

ICAN Strategic HR Management™ consists of 7 two-day class sessions (14 days total), held once a month on a Wednesday-Thursday or Friday-Saturday schedule. You will plan in advance to attend the classes or take advantage of the opportunity to make up a given session at another time. Check the training schedule and find out when the next group starts.

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Witold Jankowski - guarantee

Quality guarantee: zero risk and reimbursement

We know that investing in a program can come with concerns. That's why we are the only ones in Poland to offer you a unique quality guarantee: if after 1 session (2 class days) you decide that the training does not meet your expectations, you can cancel your participation and receive a full refund.

Yes, we will refund your money 100%. There is no risk associated with participating in the training, only growth opportunities and real results.

Dr. Witold Jankowski

CEO of ICAN Institute

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Join the club for HR leaders

In the HR Club, we create a community for which it is important to improve the competence of human resources departments and make them strategic partners of the company. The club helps people at various career levels in the human resources field to gain knowledge that will help them put their organization into perspective.

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Want to know even more?

Do you have questions? Get a free consultation with an expert. We will discuss your development needs and help you decide whether to participate in the program.

Magdalena Witek
Director of Sales Structure, ICAN Institute
For 25 years, we have continuously shared best practices in management and sales. One thing remains constant - the right training selection starts with an open conversation. Let's talk about your needs and I'll help point you in the right direction.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, depending on your individual needs, you can purchase individual training sessions. If you would like to purchase a session of your choice, please contact us through the application form on the website or call the hotline at +22 250 11 40.

As a trainee, you receive a guarantee that allows you to cancel after 1 session (2 class days) and receive a 100% refund if at that time you feel the training does not meet your expectations. You can also change to another program that is more suited to your needs.

We issue an invoice on the first day of training. This allows the company to quickly include the training in its costs. Payment by installments is possible. There is also the possibility of obtaining funding from the National Training Fund, for which we help prepare applications.

When choosing the right training for HR departments, it is important to consider the current challenges of the organization and the specifics of the position of the person you want to train. Among the many HR courses, workshops and academies available on the market, those that deal with the key functions of HR departments, including human resource management, recruitment and selection of candidates, communication and conflict management, development of HR policies and strategies, labor law or new technologies in HR work will be useful. It is important to regularly update your knowledge due to changes in legislation and emerging new trends in organizational management.

To work in HR as a manager, there are several things you need to take care of - proper education, acquiring the necessary skills and experience. It will be useful to obtain a college degree related to human resource management, business or psychology. Consider obtaining a certification, such as PHR, which confirms proper preparation for the HR role and can open the way to a career as an HR manager without a degree. You should also make sure to expand your knowledge of the legalities of hiring HR. If you are just starting out in HR, beginner training courses and internships offered by companies will be useful. Try to get positions that will allow you to learn a variety of skills, such as recruiting, employee development, HR policy, and get a good introduction to the work of an HR manager.

The HR Manager plays a key role in creating human resource strategies in line with the organization's goals and supporting employee development. The HR manager's tasks include hiring and firing employees, developing development paths for employees, identifying talent within the company, dealing with HR issues such as calculating vacations and drafting contracts, managing the compensation and benefits system and incentive programs. The HR department is also responsible for creating and updating HR policies, i.e. arrangements that define the company's stance on given issues, such as dress code, attitude and values represented by employees. In addition, the HR manager is the liaison between employees and management.

HR Manager is an abbreviation for Human Resources Manager, which we translate as "Human Resource Manager." This is the person responsible for managing the human resources department, or HR or personnel department, in an organization. The role of the HR Manager includes a range of responsibilities related to personnel management, HR strategy and the implementation of HR practices and policies.