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Participation in Management was a time of self-reflection for me, thanks to which I learned where I was in my professional life and what I could change in it. I got what I was looking for! Each session was very engaging and exhausting, and the satisfaction after - immense. Constant discussion, clashing of different perspectives, questioning of established patterns of thinking, topped off with meritocracy backed by experience, comprehensive approach and timeliness. The program was instantly adapted to pandemic circumstances. The classes gave me the impetus to make changes - we defined the strategy for the next few years, changed sales structures, processes for achieving goals, focused on lean management, a culture of engagement and employee satisfaction. We made changes faster, without unnecessary mistakes, and last year's decisions are bearing fruit today. We ended the year with a really good financial result. I myself received something priceless - a sense of confidence in operations, greater peace of mind and freedom.
Grzegorz Rutkowski
General Manager, Habasit Poland Sp. z o.o.
Although I am aware of the importance of development, I was quite skeptical about training. However, changing and digital times are a big challenge even for an experienced manager. Today, without updating our knowledge, we are stuck in an information bubble, and everything we know quickly becomes outdated. I needed new experiences. Today I can say that Management far exceeds the standards I knew from my master's and doctoral studies. Even the first session impressed me - it was very practical. After each class, my team and I implemented the solutions we learned. I gained a new strategic perspective. We introduced a more measured and agile approach to management, using the OKR method, cashflow analysis, EBITDA or sustainable marketing, among others. We have optimized priority projects and ways to finance them. I constantly return to the class materials to inspire the team to expand their knowledge. I will also continue to grow myself, including by making friends within the ICAN Institute Alumni Club. I believe that participating in the program was a sound investment. It has contributed to achieving faster growth in 2020.
Michal Olczak
CEO, NextApps
Thanks to participation in the program, I have gained a new perspective on business, which allows my organization to stay ahead of market trends, as well as create them. Management™ made me realize what a proper approach to business should look like. In order to stay on the cutting edge, you need to constantly observe and analyze. And the program teaches how to do this in practice. After implementing the solutions learned during the training into the organization, we quickly noticed the first results. We recorded one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the company compared to other dealers on the market, an increase in sales and improved efficiency in operations. In addition, we are better motivating our employees - the program showed us effective methods to inspire the team. Recently, I presented the company's development strategy in front of our main boss from France, Baudouin Denis. In my presentation, as well as during the speech, I used the knowledge and tools I had acquired at Management. The chief concluded that it was one of the best presentations in Europe. I recommend participation in Management™ to middle managers who want to develop their competencies and the entire organization at the same time. The program allows you to take a global view of the company and conveys practical tools and solutions to increase the company's performance, and delivers results in a quick time. Particularly noteworthy is the well-arranged training schedule - participation in the session can be planned well in advance, which allows you to reconcile learning with your professional and private life. In short, Management™ is everything every manager should know.
Adam Pietraszko
Director of Sales, Frank-Cars Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
The training cycles I went through at ICAN Institute are based on practical professional knowledge and give full support to the management processes I deal with on a daily basis. I highly appreciate the online knowledge base that I had access to throughout the training. It is definitely world-class available at your fingertips. Even as a member of the Alumni Club, I often refer back to some of the items and attend the seminars, because I am assured that what I learn is always of the highest quality. I definitely recommend every director and manager to take part in ICAN Institute's training projects, because this knowledge will definitely come in handy for you, and the solutions you receive during the classes will translate into business - and very quickly.
Maciej Goszczyński
Store director, graduate of ICAN Institute development programs, Leroy Merlin Poland Sp. z o.o.
Inspiration to change management practices. A priority for Pratt & Whitney Kalisz is the continuous improvement of employee skills and the development of the entire organization. However, in order to build an innovative company, ready to function efficiently in times of uncertainty, the latest knowledge of management practices is essential. We have been successfully acquiring this knowledge with ICAN Institute for 16 years. Over the years, we have benefited from a number of programs - closed ones, prepared specifically for the needs of our organization, and open ones (e.g. First-Time Manager™, Management™, Strategic Leadership Academy™); for managers who are at the beginning of their careers, as well as those with extensive experience. Thanks to access to the latest global knowledge and modern practices, as well as contacts with experts representing different points of view of management in the broadest sense, our managers have gained valuable knowledge in the field of innovation management or management in a constantly changing reality. This has allowed us to build an efficient and flexible company, as well as to prepare for future challenges. As a modern company, we are constantly looking for space to improve processes by comparing them to global best practices. ICAN Institute trainings change attitudes and mindsets. This is a huge advantage of them.
Jacek Kwiecinski
HR director, board member, Pratt & Whitney Kalisz Sp. z o.o.
Now we know what direction to grow in: for us and for our customers. With increasing competition and customer demands, the Park-M Group required a drastic change in management. A team of a few people had transformed into an organization of several hundred, which needed new signposts at different levels of its structure. Despite my background in economics, I felt I lacked sufficient knowledge and experience to guide the organization through this difficult process on my own. I needed practical support. I found it in the Strategic Leadership Academy™. The solutions presented in the program became tools for me and my colleagues to analyze and optimize current operations, as well as to chart the future of the Park-M Group. The conceptual work structured thanks to them has allowed us to focus on activities that are most unique from the point of view of customers and valued by them.
Krzysztof Mróz
CEO , Park-M Group
Unity Group in 20 years has gone from a student company to a growing year-on-year organization employing more than 200 people. Despite the continuous growth of management and our employees, we felt that there were areas where we lacked knowledge and made unnecessary mistakes. Therefore, together with other members of the management team, we decided to participate in the Strategic Leadership Academy. The program showed us which areas of stra-tegic management are our strengths and which need to be developed. E.g., the concept of ambidextrousness of the organization helped us to deploy investments for sustaining innovations (in areas that are traditional for us, such as building e-commerce solutions, integrating systems or digitizing processes) and to start investments that have breakthrough potential (e.g., the UPSAILY start-up in the area of machine learning). As a result, I can say that today, after implementing various solutions, the entire company benefits from the program.
Grzegorz Kuczynski
CEO, Unity Group
Management helped me look at professional challenges in a completely different way. The friendly atmosphere during the classes, great instructors and valuable content delivered in an accessible way made it easier for me to assimilate extremely practical knowledge. The constant references to real business situations illuminated important issues in communication, negotiation or decision-making for me. Many of the suggestions and tips I heard accompany me to this day in my daily work. During the program, I benefited from telephone consultations with the trainers. I didn't even suspect that the insights of an expert from another industry could help solve complex problems that are sometimes difficult to distance myself from. I value Management for one more thing: the opportunity to meet interesting and inspiring people, of which there was no shortage among the participants.
Anna Pavlovich
buyer senior, Carefleet S.A.
On a day-to-day basis, I manage the work of a team that includes people from various levels: from manager to specialist. I am also in charge of creating a value proposition and managing relationships with the customers to whom we deliver this value. I chose the Management™ program to develop my managerial competence in the above areas, and it has met my expectations one hundred percent. The program is heavily tool-based. I consider its most valuable element to be the trainers, who have the most up-to-date knowledge and extensive experience in the areas covered in the sessions. The opportunity to ask them questions and discuss during the sessions provided me with a huge part of all the knowledge gained during the training. The second advantage is the case studies, which perfectly reflect the information given to us by the trainers. Thirdly, the lion's share of the examples were based on solid scientific data, which gave credence to the content we were given. Meanwhile, the fourth reason why I not only decided to enter this program, but also eagerly anticipated the next sessions, was the participants. Over time, we developed not only a collegial but also a business relationship. The practicality of the training can be evidenced by the fact that shortly after the end of Management I already had the opportunity to use the tools learned during the session - including the recruitment guide. Thanks to it, recruitment went much more smoothly. I would definitely recommend this program to any manager at any level of their career, not only to learn something new, but also to share their knowledge with others.
Luke Kutrzeba
director of development, Jagiellonian Innovation Center
Being responsible for the activities of subordinate areas, including teams dealing with technological infrastructure, software development and call center, every day I make decisions that affect the company's operations. In order to stay abreast of trends and experiences of other entrepreneurs, I decided to take part in the Strategic Leadership AcademyTM Program. My choice fell on SLA due to the tailoring of the training topics to both the company's and my individual needs, and the already proven content of ICAN Institute's offer. The development program met my expectations, allowing me to implement the methods and tools necessary to achieve our mission and strategy. Each of the 10 sessions carried valuable and useful content, and the meetings were responsive to our needs and pain points. Thanks to them, I learned that anyone can be innovative (provided the company creates the right conditions for it). Immediately after the training, we adopted at Aplitt the multi-stakeholder platforms learned during the sessions, the lean startup method and the innovation culture, which are already producing noticeable results. I recommend the SLA training to company boards and directors responsible for development and innovation in their companies, looking for ready-made and proven tools and methods to address the challenges their company faces. It is important that entire Boards participate in this training, as was the case with Aplitt. The knowledge gained together definitely strengthens understanding and facilitates decision-making related to building the company's development path.
Marek Litzbarski
Vice president, Aplitt sp. z o.o

The ITS Sales Management Program™ addresses a very important need to develop the competencies of of line sales managers who are key to delivering results.

I myself have looked for such a program many times, but they were too general - a lot of theory and not enough specifics. Line managers today need to be able to manage up, down and horizontally, taking into account the goals of the organization and changing market conditions and customer expectations, in order to outperform the competition. I must admit that my sales force is succeeding. As a participant in the ICAN Total Selling™ program (Sales Director level) I benefited a lot when I applied the new knowledge to my organization. In my opinion, the ITS Sales Management Program™ looks very interesting.. Based on my own experience, I can confidently recommend ICAN Institute's programs.

Michal Wronka
head of business excellence & innovation, Bayer Sp. z o.o.

The results came faster than I thought!

Participation in the ICAN Total Selling™ program gave me a new perspective on the sales process and provided me with practical tools that I started using right away. Let me give you an example. Just when I was participating in the program, we had to recruit and train dozens of salespeople for a new project in the company. We had only three months to do this. What seemed downright impossible at first quickly became a reality - all thanks to the knowledge and tools I gained during the session on sales force recruitment. The solutions presented during the class were an absolute novelty to me, but they quickly proved themselves in practice. Recruitment was a complete success! For me, ICAN Total Selling™ is a real shot in the arm -. I heartily recommend participation in the program!

Radoslaw Adamczyk
Director of Sales at Nowa Era Publishing House, graduate of ICAN Total Selling™ program

And you can manage world-class sales

The ICAN Total Selling™ program (executive level - for sales executives) gave me the opportunity to be exposed to the latest trends in the field of sales management. It provides practical solutions based on the experience of the world's sales gurus. Importantly, all this is translated into the realities of the Polish market. The training provides tips on how to offer new quality, value to the customer in the sales process and how to build long-term cooperation with them. The experience and skills gained during ICAN Total Selling™ allow me in my daily work to apply a new approach to sales in a dynamic energy market. I heartily recommend participation in the program to those responsible for sales in the company!

Grzegorz Bujnowski
Head of gas trading office at ANWIL S.A., project manager at PKN ORLEN S.A.

Concrete tools, concrete results!

What I appreciate about ICAN Institute's development programs is that they are not just theory. The knowledge imparted in the classes is the result of the work and experience of experts who have spent many years building an effective sales process and team in their companies. As participants, we can benefit from their experience and, based on the knowledge gained, introduce new solutions in our own companies. The ICAN Total Selling™ program, for example, helped me to better divide the tasks in my sales team to be in line with their aptitudes. This has improved the comfort and quality of their work, and thus their sales results. We were also able to increase the efficiency of the induction process for new salespeople. We have shortened it from 12 to six months. We are catching recruitment mistakes faster, and new salespeople are starting to achieve results similar to employees with many years of experience in the first year of work.

Pawel Węcłowski
Director of Sales at Volvo Trucks Poland,, graduate of the First-Time Manager™ and ICAN Total Selling™ programs.

A solid foundation for managerial development

I participated in the First-Time Manager™ program, which, like IT Manager™, focuses on the development of soft skills, as a manager with five years of experience. The training allowed me to organize and supplement the knowledge I had previously gained in practice, often learning from my own mistakes. I am sure that if I had benefited from it earlier, I would have avoided many mistakes, and solved some of the problems much faster and more effectively. The program conveys knowledge in an extremely accessible way, which in my opinion should be the basis of every manager's training. The success of the training lies in the great supporting materials and the lecturers - they are extremely knowledgeable people, always willing to interact with the participants. I recommend ICAN Institute's programs to the attention of all managers who are serious about their careers, and to business owners who want management positions in their organizations to be held by high-class, knowledgeable experts.

Przemyslaw Drygalski
IT components category manager, graduate of the First-Time Manager™ program

ICAN Institute programs are expectations met 100%!

I am a graduate of the First-Time Manager™ program. Already during it, I used the newly learned techniques on an ongoing basis, and today they are an important part of my managerial workbench. Currently, based on the knowledge gained during the program, I am working on a completely new strategy for managing my team. I highly appreciate the facilities of the materials I was able to use during the training: both those delivered in class and those available online, which allowed me to deepen my knowledge at my convenience, regardless of my location. By far the greatest asset of the program are the presenters, who share their years of experience and out-of-the-box approach with the participants, inviting contact even after the session is over. Participating in the program allowed me to get acquainted with new tools and practices that definitely raised my comfort level as a manager. The program met my expectations 100%!

Michael Sarna
technology manager, Hicron Spółka z o.o., graduate of the First-Time Manager™ program

Program unrivaled on the Polish market

We had been looking for a long time for a training course that would so comprehensively cover the topic of marketing and sales in combination with new technologies. But that's not the only reason we chose it: we knew that the ICAN Institute brand guarantees the latest world-class knowledge, as well as great quality training materials and well-thought-out forms of workshops and exercises. At first I thought the program was only for sales and marketing managers. After completing it, I can confidently say that it will benefit all managers and owners of B2B companies who care about increasing revenues using the most modern tools on the market.

Przemyslaw Kolodziejczyk
CEO of GECOS, graduate of the B2B Business Development Program™

Specific implementation tools

Current examples of solutions to business problems are the most important part of the training. Thanks to it, I was able to improve the mechanisms I use in my work every day and implement solutions relevant to my point of view on an ongoing basis. The entire base of supporting e-learning materials and networking are additional benefits that I also greatly appreciate. Strategic Leadership Academy™ I especially recommend to CEOs and directors on whom the business and development of the organization depends.

Malgorzata Milczarek
chief human resources officer, Sandoz

And you can be a great speaker too!

In the Personal Leadership Academy™ program you will receive the latest proven Communispond™ tools and methods that will arm you with confidence and persuasive power in public speaking. During the program, you will record your speeches and observe firsthand how quickly you can improve by applying simple techniques used by leaders around the world.

Jeff Felice
EVPs, partners & alliances , Logical Operations

Source of knowledge and new business tools

Today, what counts in business is not only years of experience and knowledge, but most importantly the ability to adapt quickly in a changing business environment, out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to dynamically implement the most effective practices. My decision to participate in the training Strategic Leadership Academy™ was no accident. I knew that ICAN Institute's lecturers are a group of experienced business practitioners who thoroughly analyze the current market situation and, on this basis, are able to accurately determine which solutions are worth investing time and resources in. The Strategic Leadership Academy™ program was another stage of career development for me - very important for building awareness and expanding my knowledge and business toolkit.

Tomasz Wojtkiewicz
President of the Board of Directors of Nextbike Poland Sp. z o.o., graduate of the Strategic Leadership Academy™

Path of dynamic development

ICAN Institute's development programs have accompanied me since the beginning of my career. As a young manager I received First-Time Manager™ trainingwhich allowed me to step confidently into a new chapter in my life. Later came the Management™ program, thanks to which I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and gain the competencies needed in connection with an increasing spectrum of responsibilities and growing responsibilities. Today I manage four companies. Choice of Strategic Leadership Academy™ was obvious to me - I treated participation in this program as the next stage of my development.

Pawel Tupalski
Board member of Brand Distribution Group, Graduate of ICAN Institute development programs

A development path for ambitious leaders

Hitting the Management™ program, I was able to see myself not only against other managers, but most importantly against the knowledge that was imparted to the participants. Its wide scope significantly influenced me and my vision of the kind of leader I would like to become. It meant a lot to me to be able to work on the basis of the e-learning system. In addition, for the first time I was able to see the whole company through the lens of best practices, which strengthened my competence in substantive areas. It shortened my path in the search for adequate and effective solutions. Now that I know which methods work, I can compile the best options and implement them into my own business model. Thanks to my participation in the program, I realized that I still have a lot to do in order to properly find myself in humility among people who want to achieve something in life based on their own business entities. I found in the program an approach that is close to me: one should treat oneself as an infinite project. As someone who is on a constant journey.

Bartosz Nowak
CEO of My Way Jewellery, graduate of the Management™ program

ITL Personal Leadership Academy

An increasing number of managers are thinking about building their own brand. But what's behind it? It is not simply better PR and media presence. A leadership brand is the result of conscious action, which is a combination of self-reflection, goals and aspirations, and the use of various tools for building one's own image. It is very easy to make mistakes here, which later have to be corrected with great effort. In the program Personal Leadership Academy™ I will share my practical experience and tools with you. I promise that we will already increase the value of your personal brands during the program!

Joanna Malinowska-Parzydło
Personal Leadership Academy™ expert and lecturer

A broad view of the company's present and future

Program Management™ showed me how to approach problems and projects in a multifaceted way - legal, economic, psychological, emotional, analytical, logistical... Each of these perspectives can prove crucial in a problematic situation, which is why a manager should be able to look as broadly as possible at the issues he or she encounters on a daily basis. Participation in the program also made me realize that even rich university knowledge becomes of little use without proper interpretation and analysis of the socio-economic phenomena taking place. This connects to what I believe is the most important characteristic of an efficient manager: the ability to anticipate. A fundamental advantage of Management™ training is that it teaches a forward-looking view of both the present and the future of the company.

Pawel Gabryel
Chairman of the Board, CEO of WIMED Sp. z o.o., graduate of the Management™ program

Develop your skills and measure yourself against new challenges

Soft skills have always been important to me. I have yet to hear a team follow with confidence someone who doesn't know how to build relationships with employees. During the Management™ program I had the opportunity to look at my communication and leadership skills against the best role models. Classes with ICAN Institute trainers brought me a lot of inspiration and motivation in this regard. I also began to see my own effectiveness and flexibility in the context of change differently. The experience gained during the Management™ program knowledge is currently helping me realize the most difficult task in my career so far. I am in charge of rebuilding the legal department: improving its cooperation with other departments, increasing the efficiency of the team and arranging the relationship of our lawyers with external law firms.

Margaret Gatz
Deputy General Manager at the National Społdzielcza Kasa Oszczędnościowo-Kredytowa in Sopot, owner of a law firm, graduate of the Management™ program