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CEO Training

  • For CEOs, board members, CEOs and managing directors.
  • Development of hard and soft competencies required to manage at the top of an organization.
  • Check out the available CEO training courses, schedule and presenters.

Current management training

Personal Leadership Academy™

Soft skills development program in the area of personal leadership. Teaches how to build a strong personal brand, authority and influence in an organization. Develops negotiation skills. This is a program focused on you! Recommended for top level leaders.



A practical alternative to MBA programs for middle and senior managers. You will gain competencies in business and team management including strategy development, negotiation, marketing, talent acquisition and economic analysis.

Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan

Strategic Leadership Academy™

Training for people who want to gain strategic management competencies: CEOs, business owners, board members and directors. It teaches, among other things, how to create a strategy, make quick and accurate decisions, manage the value of the company and its revenues.


Strategic Sales Leadership™

Training for middle and senior leaders who are responsible for sales strategy. Teaches how to plan and execute a strategy, manage the customer relationship, manage margins and negotiate. Sell more with a thoughtful strategy!


Neuroleadership Academy™

The most advanced training ICAN offers for experienced high-level leaders. Learn how to use brain knowledge for better management. Become a neuroleader and gain above-average effectiveness at the organizational and team levels.



CEO - what does the acronym mean?

CEO is an abbreviation for the position of Chief Executive Officer. In Polish, it means chairman of the board or CEO, i.e. the person holding the most important position in the organization. Sometimes the CEO is also the owner of the company, but this does not have to be the case - such a situation usually applies to small companies. Chief Executive Officer is the highest position in the hierarchy and gives ultimate executive power in the company. The responsibilities of such a person include creating the company's strategy, controlling the implementation of long-term plans and goals, leading the organization and making key decisions about the company, its development and future, such as investments, mergers and acquisitions.

CEO training - is it worth it?

As a CEO, it's worthwhile to take advantage of training and update your knowledge, as many management methods are now ceasing to work or proving ineffective despite their popularity and being scientifically disproven. For CEOs, training is not only an opportunity for development, but also an opportunity to network, expand your network and exchange experiences with others in a similar position. Inspiration from an industry other than one's own can be very useful and result in ideas for improving one's own company. Working in a group during the training and the support of an expert allows you to revise your current way of running your company and methods of managing your staff, which is a valuable, often unavailable feedback for CEOs. Our training also gives CEOs the opportunity to take advantage of diagnostics that help them get to know themselves better as leaders, verify their leadership style and their effectiveness.

CEO competencies - what kind of training?

Managing an organization requires extensive subject matter knowledge and both hard and soft skills. A CEO should have skills in strategy, leadership and management, negotiation, building relationships and business partnerships, finance and economic evaluation of the company. That's why it's a good idea for a CEO to choose a training course that teaches how to interpret changes in the business environment and update the company's business model. An important element is also the personal brand that leaders should develop. In our offer you will find training courses for CEOs that will suggest how to build strong personal branding, authority and influence in the organization. It is worthwhile to precede the choice of training with a diagnostic of the individual or the whole company, in order to determine where the competence gaps and sources of potential blocks to the organization's growth lie. The support of a coach or mentor can also help.

CEO training - our recommendations

From ICAN Institute's offerings, CEOs often choose Strategic Leadership Academy™, Personal Leadership Academy™ and Neuroleadership Academy™ training courses. Each is aimed at experienced leaders at the top of the organization, but they differ in their scope of topics. Check out below what our best-selling CEO training courses teach and which one is best for you.

  • Strategic Leadership Academy™ - is a training that develops strategic competencies. It teaches how to manage the value of the company, make strategic decisions, and step by step create and implement strategies to win in today's uncertain markets.
  • Personal Leadership Academy™ - during this training we focus on you as a leader and the development of soft skills, including personal branding, ethical exercise of power and managing your own emotions, stress and energy.
  • Neuroleadership Academy™ - the most advanced training we offer. It shows you how to use neuroscience discoveries to manage yourself, your team and your company to increase motivation and productivity across your organization.

CEO training locations and schedule

Trainings are held in Warsaw at the headquarters of ICAN Institute. This is a convenient location close to the Wilanowska Metro station. We know that due to official duties and great responsibility, the CEO's time is very valuable, so classes are held in the mode of two-day meetings once a month. It is possible to make up the classes at another time without any problems - just inform in advance about your absence. This makes it easy for CEO training participants to reconcile development with work.

Let's talk about your development

Contacting us about choosing a development path is non-committal. You can cancel from ICAN programs at any stage of training, getting a 100% refund.