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Online development training catalog

In our ICAN Business Advisor® online development training catalog, you'll find certificate courses that will help you develop the hard and soft competencies necessary for a managerial position. We currently have more than 40 personal development courses for you, and the number is constantly growing! We are constantly updating our training courses and adding new ones, so you always have access to the latest business knowledge.

For your convenience, we have grouped the training courses by 6 subject categories: business and finance, personal effectiveness, business communication, marketing and sales, management and leadership, strategic management. You can also search for them by your area of expertise or position of interest.

A wide selection of development courses with different levels of advancement guarantees that you will find something for you no matter if you are a novice manager, preparing for promotion to manager or already have management experience. Choose the best self-development path for you and gain knowledge in an interactive and engaging way! Case studies, ready-to-use tools, videos, animations, quizzes and practical exercises - all this is waiting for you in every ICAN Business Advisor® personal development training course.

Frequently asked questions

It is always worth betting on your personal development, because we learn and encounter new challenges throughout our lives! What are the most important benefits of participating in workshops and development training? First of all, you will gain needed competencies that will make it easier for you to do your job, as well as increase your opportunities for promotion and career path development. Better skills mean a higher salary, more opportunities in the job market and a more peaceful sleep without worrying about losing your your position or how you will cope if your partnership with the company is terminated. Your work will be a a source of satisfaction and pride in your accomplishments, not worries. The self-development course will also help you when you are thinking about retraining and need to acquire new competencies quickly. Qualified employees are highly valued and sought after by recruiters!

Online personal development is a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional studies. Don't have time for a postgraduate degree or another degree and writing a paper, but you want to develop yourself? Do you need additional training in a specific area? Development courses and trainings will be ideal here - their subject matter is often less extensive and general, allowing you to explore an issue in more detail. You learn what really interests you and is needed in your work!

Our development training courses are grouped into 6 thematic categories: business and finance, personal effectiveness, business communication, marketing and sales, management and leadership, strategic management. In total, at your disposal there are dozens of self-development courses! Thanks to them you will develop hard competencies, such as budgeting, economic analysis, creating strategies, setting goals according to SMART, FAST or management by objectives methods, and soft competencies, such as motivating employees, managing your energy and emotions, giving feedback, effective cooperation or conducting meetings.

Choose training related to your position and responsibilities. It's important that the topics of the course or development workshop have practical application to your job. Training represents an investment in an employee for the company, so your supervisor and HR department, responsible for the training budget, will want to make sure that this expense pays off and benefits both the organization and the employee.

How to prepare a rationale for the need for self-development and the desire to take a course? Write down how the knowledge from the training will help you to perform your duties better and increase your efficiency. A strong argument will be real examples of challenges you face in your your daily work, and which the development training answers. You can also consider the tasks you will receive in the near future, for example, you will be working on a large project that will require you to acquire additional skills. It's a good idea to prepare a list of competencies that you will gain or strengthen through a self-development course. If you are preparing for a promotion, then choose a personal development workshop related to your new role and new responsibilities. Demonstrate how the course will help you meet tasks and expectations, and protect you from mistakes that could cost the company money.

In your argument, you should include the company's perspective - what it gains by having a better qualified employee, who wants to improve his or her skills. Speak the language of benefits and prepare data, such as how much time you spend on a particular thing that you could do faster with a course, and how much your time costs the organization. It is worth comparing the current state with that, what you can get from doing a course, training or personal development workshop.

What else can you do to convince your supervisor? Consider whether there is a person in the company whose opinion your boss cares about. You can ask this person for a recommendation of your idea, which you then share with your boss. Refer to the recommendation in your speech, keeping in mind the company's perspective, e.g. you could say this: "I/we have talked to X before. He thinks my training is a good idea, given the company's upcoming projects and plans."

Our training and development courses are condensed knowledge pills that are divided into lessons. Therefore, the method of small steps and dividing the material into smaller parts will work great here, for example, you can do one lesson a day. How not to lose motivation to complete the training and personal development? We have some hints that will make it easier for you to learn!

First, set yourself a realistic goal that is in line with your ability and time resources. Your goal may sound like this: "I will devote 30 minutes to the courseevery day," "I will do this training this week," "Thursday afternoon is a time just for me for my personal development." Second, create a friendly learning space. Ensure silence and get rid of distractions, such as muting your phone, turning off the TV playing in the background, and if you can, lock yourself in your room and ask household members not to disturb you. Take regular breaks from your course or development training, and don't forget to reward yourself. Yes, every effort is worth rewarding! It can be a relaxing moment with coffee, a walk with the dog or an episode of your favorite TV series. It is important that our brain associates learning with something pleasant.

Remember, don't rush through a development course or try to do it in one go if you feel tired, overworked or have had a stressful day. Doing so will most likely discourage you, and more importantly, a tired brain will not assimilate the information and remember it. Studying regularly and being consistent is not the same as unhealthy pressure, forcing yourself and working beyond your strength, from which nothing good comes!

With online personal development courses, you improve competencies in an interactive, engaging way. Our ICAN Business Advisor® training courses include hands-on exercises, quizzes, videos, ready-to-use tools, templates and downloads to use on the job. After completing the course, you receive a certificate confirming the acquisition of new knowledge. You can boast about it in your social media and use it to build your image as a person focused on personal development, ambitious and curious about new ideas.

Development training courses expand our horizons. Through our courses, you will learn about the world's often groundbreaking management and business concepts. Tests will allow you to test your knowledge, and by following the fates of the heroes of the case studies you will consider how you would have acted in their place and what consequences your decisions would have had. You'll also organize your knowledge and update it - perhaps some methods you use are outdated and don't work as well as they used to!

ICAN Business Advisor® online development courses also include a competency implementation plan to help you practice your new knowledge and tools in practice. The plan will also allow you to ensure systematic development and monitor the results.

At the outset, it is worth considering our development needs: where my strengths and weaknesses lie, which competencies will be useful in my work, what I care most about, what I already know and what I want to learn. It is also worth considering the current and future challenges we will face at work, as well as the competencies required for the position.

We can ask a trusted person to help us assess our competencies, e.g. to give us feedback or, by asking questions, direct us in the right direction. A solution will also be to use diagnostic tools, such as tests measuring the level of competence - it is worth asking the HR department or supervisor about them.

A good practice when choosing self-development courses is to compare their scope of topics. If you're interested in more training than one, it's a good idea to plan your development path, i.e. the order in which you will complete the training and gain competence. This will allow you to plan your learning wisely and avoid overloading yourself with material.

It takes about 2-3 hours to complete one ICAN Business Advisor® online training course. Next to each course you will find information about the estimated time required to complete it. The time depends on the number of lessons included in the training. Keep in mind that this is only an approximation to help you estimate the length of the course. Nothing prevents you from spending more time on the development training, or from going back to the lessons you've already done to consolidate your knowledge. Take your time and keep going!

One of the biggest advantages of online development courses and training is that we can do them from anywhere. We don't have to spend time and money to get to the place where the training takes place, we avoid traffic jams and the stress of possibly being late (the bus didn't arrive on time, we get stuck in traffic). Thanks to the online formula, we can take part in training courses that we would not be able to attend stationary due to distance, for example, the development course we are interested in takes place only in one city, and we live at the other end of the country (what a bummer!).

The second huge advantage of online personal development training and courses is that their formula often allows us to work asynchronously at our own pace. We can schedule our own learning and rework the material according to our own development needs and abilities. Online training also doesn't interfere with work, so we don't catch up with our work obligations and don't worry about how we will balance self-development with work. It's also worth remembering that online learning is cheaper than on-site training. This is an important argument you can use when notifying your supervisor or HR department of your desire to take part in various types of workshops, courses and development training in an online format.

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