ICAN Personal Leadership

Soft leadership skills development program

The forgotten element of leadership

Only a few managers manage to climb to the top of the organization and maintain that position. So what distinguishes the most effective leaders?

At the highest levels of management, managers meet people who are very similar to themselves in terms of experience, education and career path. Then the hard managerial competencies they have developed over the years can no longer give them an edge.

Studies by leadership authorities, such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, show that soft competencies in the area of so-called personal leadership, or capabilities, are crucial for success at this stage of the career:

icon for building authority and influence
Building authority and influence
icon for building authority and influence
Self-presentation and negotiation
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Seize and hold power
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Conscious creation of a personal brand
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Managing your own energy, emotions and stress
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Ability to combine professional and personal success

The Personal Leadership AcademyTM will allow you to look at yourself as a leader and develop all of these skills, and in doing so, build a strong position in your business environment. This is a program where we will work with you on you!

portrait Dr. Witold Jankowski

Use the latest knowledge and methods of personal leadership to win even in the toughest business environments

Leaders also win in uncertain times. Why? Because they make wise decisions and avoid typical mistakes. They are also able to apply methods used by the best in the world. In highly competitive market conditions, the mediocre lose. The best win. The art of winning in difficult conditions is not black magic, but concrete knowledge and skills. One new idea, one new concept, one serious mistake avoided, give a return on investment in the program.

I guarantee that participation in the Personal Leadership AcademyTM will provide you with access to the latest knowledge and tools necessary to create and implement a winning sales strategy. You are cordially invited to participate!

Dr. Witold Jankowski
President of ICAN Institute

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Who did we create the ICAN Personal Leadership Academy™ for?

  • For those at the top of the organization, looking to further invest in their development
  • For top managers who know that increasing their competence translates into better performance for the entire company
  • For leaders who want to increase their own and their teams' effectiveness
  • For people who want to know how they are perceived in their business environment

During the program, you will hone your skills with an elite group of CEOs, board members and directors.

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Explore the most comprehensive program for developing soft leadership skills

7 two-day integrated thematic sessions

Introductory webinar

Leadership in an uncertain and turbulent world. New challenges and essential competencies

The training begins with an online meeting, introducing the actual sessions. During it, you will learn what leadership is on an individual and social level, and how leadership differs from management. You will learn about the new Future-Fit Leadership model, which responds to the challenges of the current business environment. You will also learn how the phenomenon of so-called digital disruption affects the effectiveness of organizations, teams and individuals.

Session 1

The inner strength of a leader. The dynamics of developing strengths and overcoming limitations

You will learn about the relationship between the development of the individual leader and the development of the organization, as well as how to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will also learn about common pitfalls and mistakes in a leader's attitude and how to avoid them. We will discuss how you can use your unique qualities as the basis for an authentic individual leadership style and influence others. Through this session, you will define the barriers that limit your leadership development and effectiveness, and then break them down through exercises and the "Authenticity of a Leader in Practice" workshop.

Session 2

A leader in a network of relationships. Building emotional and social intelligence

A leader never acts alone. He or she is in a network of relationships and dependencies, e.g. team, colleagues, stakeholders. Therefore, before you start building relationships, you need to know yourself. You will use the Life Styles Inventory™ diagnostic tool and discuss your score with an expert. We'll explore the impact of beliefs, mindsets and interpreting events on personal effectiveness and leader effectiveness. We'll also look at the role of empathy in business - when it's worth listening to, and when it's better to "turn it off." You will learn at what stages of relationship formation and communication disruptions occur and how to prevent them.

Session 3

Leadership agility. Power, influence, ethics - how to combine them

Power is sometimes a taboo subject in companies, so in this session we will discuss this issue in a safe atmosphere. You'll learn how to exercise power in an ethical, smart way. You will learn methods for building influence, maintaining power and creating a network of relationships that support your position in the organization (alliances and followers). You will also examine what characterizes influential people and how to develop the qualities that determine success. You will also learn where the common mistakes of leaders lie and what behaviors can destroy the value of a company when power corrupts the leader.

Session 4

Building a strong personal brand as a tool of reputation and persuasion. Use the tools of reputation and persuasion

Why should a leader build his personal brand? How is a leader's brand different from a product brand, and how can it become a company's strategic car? You'll learn this in the session, and you'll also learn how to select a communication strategy and social media presence to suit your persona and goals. You'll learn how to choose the right media and monitor your reach. You will create a personal stylebook and an effective profile on LinkedIn. In a multimedia workshop, you will prepare a video. You will learn the secrets of vlogging and writing interesting, expert blogs.

Session 5

Leader self-presentation. How to perform in real and virtual environments

In this session, you will develop the ability to present in-person and virtually during various speeches. You will overcome public speaking anxiety by discovering the sources of fear and reliable strategies to counteract it. You will learn universal principles of presenting and how to avoid common communication mistakes. You will learn how to deal with difficult listeners and use non-verbal influence techniques to increase your persuasive power. You will participate in a multimedia workshop with presentation work and expert feedback.

Session 6

Leader Negotiator. How to achieve complex goals under difficult circumstances?

You will learn how the qualities of a leader that lead to success can limit him in the context of negotiation. You will learn about the specifics of negotiating "at the top" and the concept of three-dimensional negotiation to achieve goals and agreement in complex situations. With this session, you will discover typical mistakes managers make in negotiations that you can avoid at your next business meeting. You will participate in a workshop where you will practice your negotiation skills in difficult conversations. You will learn how to choose the right negotiation strategy for the situation and the interlocutor.

Session 7

Managing the challenges of life. Personal life, professional life, stress and energy

You will discover the 4 main dimensions of human functioning according to Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, which will show you the way to a more effective way of working and life satisfaction. This will help you avoid job burnout, spark your creativity and achieve higher productivity. You will find out what influences high levels of energy and engagement, and what to do to maintain this state for as long as possible. You will learn how stress differs from a challenge and how to reduce stress tension. During the workshop you will create your own action map and individual plan for effective self-management.

Meet our presenters

portrait Dr. Witold Jankowski

Dr. Witold Jankowski
President of ICAN Institute

portrait by Andrzej Jacaszek, DBA

Andrzej Jacaszek, DBA

portrait Dr. Maria Mycielska

Dr. Maria Mycielska
Expert in the area of diagnosis and management of organizational culture

portrait Katarzyna Kloskowska-Kustosz

Katarzyna Kloskowska-Kustosz

portrait by Paula Wąsowska, DBA

Paula Wąsowska, DBA
Expert in the areas of strategy, new technologies, persuasion and business communication

portrait Izabela Stachurska

Izabela Stachurska
International consultant and leadership trainer

portrait Dr. Piotr Wisniewski

Dr. Piotr Wisniewski
Recognized consultant, manager and trainer with many years of management experience.

portrait by Dr. Hubert Malinowski

Dr. Hubert Malinowski
Doctor of sociology, social psychologist, trainer, coach and consultant

portrait Marcin Slomski, FCAA

Marcin Slomski, FCAA
Expert and lecturer at ICAN Institute

portrait by Aleksandra Slifirska

Aleksandra Slifirska
Founder of the Institute of Media Communication, whose mission is to educate about communication in business

What sets us apart?

ICAN Personal Leadership AcademyTM is the only program in Poland targeting the leader's persona, with immediate results.


Concrete answers to leaders' most pressing challenges

During the year-long program, we focus on the development of all the soft leadership skills that are critical to success in top management positions, without escaping difficult topics such as how to take and hold power. During the intensive workshop sessions, you will receive many specific tools and tips to increase your effectiveness while still in the program.


Unique tools for individual diagnosis

ICAN Personal Leadership AcademyTM uses renowned individual diagnostic tools for top executives, including the Life Styles InventoryTM survey licensed from Human Synergistics, which has helped increase the effectiveness of millions of leaders worldwide, and the Individual Predisposition to Lead Innovation and Mental Resilience (MTQ48) tests


ICAN Future Learning TM Method

Like all ICAN Institute's development programs, the Personal Leadership AcademyTM uses the ICAN Future LearningTM method for maximum benefits of leadership education. It consists of a blended learning method (combining traditional forms of education and working through an online knowledge portal) and a case study method (derived from ICAN Institute knowledge resources, including content from ICAN Management Review and MIT Sloan Management Review magazines).


Networking and teamwork

During the program you will meet leaders who face similar challenges, but have experiences from different industries, which makes for an interesting exchange of knowledge and inspiration.


Intensive formula, designed for busy managers

We know how busy your schedule is, which is why the Personal Leadership AcademyTM is 7 two-day sessions spread out over the year, held in Wednesday-Thursday, Saturday-Sunday cycles. You can schedule your attendance in advance and, if necessary, use the option to make up a given session at another time. Just contact the program coordinator, who will be happy to answer your questions right now.


Unlimited access to a compendium of online knowledge and practical tools

During the program, you will have unlimited use of the ICAN Institute's digital knowledge library. At your disposal will be, among other things, recordings of conferences with world leadership authorities, ICAN Business AdvisorTM training modules, and a knowledge library with materials supplementing the program sessions. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of support from ICAN Institute experts at any time


Certainty of benefit + zero risk

If, after two thematic sessions (4 training days), you decide that the Personal Leadership AcademyTM does not meet your expectations, we offer you a full refund of the training costs. Thus, there is no risk associated with participation in the program, only the opportunity to achieve tangible benefits in the form of improved leadership quality, translating into higher self-productivity and greater commitment and motivation of your subordinates.

What do alumni say about the ICAN Personal Leadership Academy™?

You too can win with a soft leadership skills development program!

It gives me great pleasure to recommend ICAN Institute. The development program they created uses everything I have learned over the years to improve leadership and coaching. Aside from their vast knowledge and commitment - they are a team that is simply great to work with!
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
World's #1 Leadership Thinker (Thinkers50)
ICAN Institute's development programs have accompanied me since the beginning of my career. Thanks to them, I was able to organize the knowledge that I had already acquired, but which I had not used fully before. I learned many new solutions and implemented them into my own practice on an ongoing basis. Particularly useful here were the case studies presented during the classes, on which we as participants had to think hard. Participation in ICAN Institute's training courses also enabled me to make many inspiring business contacts. Thanks to this, I was able to exchange experiences with great managers from all over Poland. In fact, I still maintain business relationships with some of them to this day. I think my example shows well that ICAN Institute's proposition is not standard leadership training, but real development programs. I know that without them I would not be the CEO I am today.
Pawel Tupalski
Board member of Brand Distribution Group
ICAN Institute lecturers are a group of experienced business practitioners who thoroughly analyze the current situation on the market and, on this basis, are able to accurately determine which solutions are worth investing time and resources in
Tomasz Wojtkiewicz
President of the Management Board of Nextbike Polska Sp. z o.o.

Download the brochure and learn about the detailed content of the session, in addition to checking out:

  • What are the 5 dimensions of effective leadership?
  • What does a manager... have in common with a circus artist?
  • Why do as many as 64% of managers say they are not getting the expected benefits from leadership training?
Plus, find out what networking benefits await you as part of the Personal Leadership AcademyTM!
ICAN Neuroleadership Academy™ brochure cover.
ICAN Institute Alumni Club logo.

ICAN Institute Alumni Club

As a graduate, you will join a group of the best managers in Poland constantly improving their skills. During the club's meetings you will gain a new dose of business inspiration and meet with the greatest authorities in management. It is also a priceless opportunity for valuable networking.

Earn a prestigious certificate

Upon completion of the Personal Leadership AcademyTM program, the participant receives a prestigious certificate. It confirms participation in this unique program and the acquisition of world-class knowledge and skills.

For companies that delegate their managers to the Personal Leadership AcademyTM program, an exam taken after the fourth session is an additional guarantee that they have gained the appropriate qualifications.

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