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Develop strategic leadership with business practitioners

Want to know how to create winning strategies and ensure sustainable growth for your company? Become an effective strategic leader with ICAN Strategic Leadership Academy™! This strategic management training for middle and senior leaders conveys best practices, ready-to-use tools and solutions for immediate implementation in your company.

Attend the training and gain knowledge on how to identify good opportunities for business growth and seize them, build sustainable competitive advantage, optimize profit and costs, and shape an organizational culture that supports strategy execution.

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What challenges does the ICAN Strategic Leadership Academy™ address?

Participation in the training will provide you with answers to key strategic management questions.

  • How to manage goodwill and build competitive advantage?
  • How to estimate costs and evaluate the economics of new ventures?
  • How to reduce costs and increase revenues with Intelligent Pricing?
  • Where to look for growth opportunities and how to differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • How to adapt the business model to changing market conditions?
  • How to build a results-oriented organizational culture?

Benefits of strategic management training

Discover how developing strategic competencies translates into better results at the leader, team and company levels.

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Benefits for the manager

  • You will learn the latest trends, methods and ready-to-use strategic management tools, which you will implement in your company while still in the program.
  • You will learn how to manage the company's value and choose growth strategies appropriate to the current phase of the company's development.
  • You will improve your decision-making skills, especially under conditions of uncertainty and lack of all information.
  • You will gain the competencies you need to perform better, allowing you to grow your company and your career successfully.
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Benefits for the company

  • Stable growth through properly designed strategy and effective exploitation of business opportunities.
  • Agility and flexibility in the company's strategy, ensuring that it can respond to market changes without losing sight of its main goals.
  • Optimize the use of resources to reduce costs, cultivate strategy execution and achieve better results.
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Benefits for the team

  • Acting according to a well-thought-out and understandable strategy, allowing you to focus on important goals instead of haphazardly putting out fires.
  • Increased motivation and commitment - a strategist leader inspires people to come up with ideas and initiatives, which increases innovation and team morale.
  • A sense of purpose and security despite market changes, flowing from the leader's ability to adapt strategies and navigate the team through difficulties.

Who is the ICAN Strategic Leadership Academy™ training for?

Participation in the strategic management and strategy leadership training is recommended for middle and senior leaders.

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For CEOs, owners and board members interested in strategies for building company value

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For directors and managers with influence over the formulation or implementation of strategy

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For company change leaders who want to gain new strategic skills

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For graduates of ICAN Management™ or other executive MBA programs

Stories of leaders who have succeeded with ICAN

Read what participants have achieved by attending the ICAN Strategic Leadership Academy™ and what they value the training for.

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The program has shown us which areas of strategic management are our strengths and which need to be developed. As a result, I can say that today, after implementing various solutions, the entire company benefits from the program.

Park-M Group




The solutions presented in the program have become tools for me and my colleagues to analyze and optimize current operations, as well as to chart the future of the Park-M Group.

Brand Distribution Group



Board Member

ICAN Institute's proposal is not standard leadership training, but real development programs. I know that without them I would not be the CEO I am today.

Aplitt sp. z o.o



Vice President

Each of the 10 sessions carried valuable and useful content, and the meetings addressed our needs and pain points. Immediately after the training, we adopted the multi-stakeholder platforms learned in the sessions, the lean startup method and the innovation culture, which are already producing noticeable results.

Strategic management training program

See what you will learn and what competencies you will gain.


New trends in strategy and strategic management: in search of opportunities for profitable growth

You will learn how to effectively develop and execute strategy in a VUCA 3.0 world. You will learn STRACTICS agile strategy and ambidexterity (ambidexterity) management methodologies and how to grow your business while minimizing risk.


Competitive strategy in the dimension of value proposition and business model - how to diagnose the need for change and define the necessary reconfiguration

You will get the tools to create winning, innovative value propositions. You'll learn how the offer interacts with the rest of the business model, and diagnose it for effectiveness.


How to win with innovation: from innovation management system to new products and solutions

You will learn how to build a culture of innovation and overcome barriers to creativity. You will learn about start-up practices (e.g., lean start-up, cocreation, crowdsourcing) and their application in a corporate environment, as well as tools to foster innovation.


Decision-making in leadership practice: faster and better decisions under uncertainty and complexity

You will learn the most common pitfalls in the decision-making process and how to avoid them, as well as how to improve individual, team and organizational decision-making with tools like SNA analysis and the Cynefin model.


Pro-efficiency organizational culture in VUCA 3.0 environment: from diagnosis to development

You will determine your company's profile and dominant behavioral styles by using the Organisational Culture Inventory, allowing you to use organizational culture as a competitive tool. You will learn about the talent spotting method and the 30 factors that support culture modeling.


Revenue and cost management in an inflationary business environment: how to increase revenue and reduce costs at the same time? New strategies and solutions

You'll get techniques and tools to create an optimal strategy for cost management and revenue defense. You'll learn what behavioral pricing is and how to apply it, as well as 9 surprising rules for successfully monetizing innovation.


Next-generation sales strategies: new technologies, processes and organizational solutions

You will see why selling has ceased to be a tactical function and has become strategic. You will learn about the Total Agile Selling model and its three key dimensions. You will identify the bottlenecks of the sales process and learn how to eliminate them.


Managing company value: how to identify new opportunities for growth in an environment of uncertainty and turbulence?

You will examine what growth model is optimal for your company and what tools to use to assess the value of businesses and investment projects. You will learn the 3xB (Build, borrow, buy) methodology and how to overcome barriers to company growth.


Marketing transformation from the company's management perspective: new roles and tasks, customer paths and behaviors, new place in the organization

You'll learn about current consumer trends in B2B and B2C and new approaches to integrating marketing with sales based on customer purchase path analysis. You will learn how to use data to generate sales opportunities, set goals and evaluate performance.


Digital transformation in the strategic dimension: new levers for building corporate value

You will learn when digital transformation must mean a business model overhaul, and when it should be done gradually. You will find out what digital leadership is and how it differs from traditional leadership, as well as how to manage a hybrid organization.

Download the free brochure and check out the detailed training program and additional materials for each session.

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Meet our experts

That's exactly what they are: recognized practitioners, researchers and leaders will work with you during our training on strategic leadership.

portrait Dr. Witold Jankowski

Dr. Witold Jankowski
President of ICAN Institute

portrait by Andrzej Jacaszek, DBA

Andrzej Jacaszek, DBA
Vice President, ICAN Institute

portrait Marcin Slomski, FCAA

Marcin Slomski, FCAA
Expert and lecturer at ICAN Institute

portrait Lukasz Kosuniak

Luke Kosuniak
B2B marketing practitioner

portrait Grzegorz Furtak

Grzegorz Furtak
Expert in pricing and monetization strategies

portrait Grzegorz Łapiński

Grzegorz Lapinski
Long-time business practitioner and experienced manager, Business Expert at ICAN Institute

portrait Dr. Maria Mycielska

Dr. Maria Mycielska
Expert in the area of diagnosis and management of organizational culture

portrait Krzysztof Sobieszek

Krzysztof Sobieszek
Strategic director at Zenith Optimedia Group

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Your acquired competence is confirmed by the ICAN Institute certificate

Each participant in ICAN Institute's development program will receive a prestigious certificate. This is a document that is valued in the labor market and is desirable for both recruitment processes and internal succession plans.

Training location

ICAN Strategic Leadership Academy™ training location

The training takes place in Warsaw at the headquarters of ICAN Institute. It is a convenient, well-connected location right next to the Wilanowska Metro station. As a result, you will have no problem getting there.

Strategy leadership training consists of 10 two-day class sessions (20 days in total), held once a month in Wednesday-Thursday or Friday-Saturday cycles. You will plan in advance to attend the classes or take advantage of the opportunity to make up a given session at another time. Check the training schedule and find out when the next group starts.

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Quality guarantee: zero risk and reimbursement

We know that investing in comprehensive training can come with concerns. That's why we are the only ones in Poland to offer you a unique quality guarantee: if after 2 sessions (4 class days) you decide that the training does not meet your expectations, you can cancel your participation and receive a full refund.

Yes, we will refund your money 100%. There is no risk associated with participating in the training, only growth opportunities and real results.

Dr. Witold Jankowski

CEO of ICAN Institute

Witold Jankowski - signature

Business club for graduates

After completing the training, you can join the Alumni Club. Our community brings together leaders, managers, CEOs and directors from all over Poland. This is an elite group of people who focus on development, exchange of ideas and mutual support. This is where true friendships, business partnerships and mentoring are formed. See the value of being with us!

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Want to know even more?

Do you have questions? Get a free consultation with an expert. We will discuss your development needs and help you decide whether to participate in the program.

Magdalena Witek

Magdalena Witek

Director of Sales Structure, ICAN Institute
For 25 years, we have continuously shared best practices in management and sales. One thing remains constant - the right training selection starts with an open conversation. Let's talk about your needs and I'll help point you in the right direction.

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Frequently asked questions

The training will show you the most important concepts and methods of strategic management with examples and ready-to-use tools for immediate application in your work. You will learn to create an agile strategy, capable of adapting to changing market conditions, and identify sources of competitive advantage for your company. The training provides answers to questions about your company's current strategic positioning: what makes us different, where to look for opportunities for growth, in what direction we should develop, and how to achieve our strategic goals.

Yes, during the ICAN Strategic Leadership Academy™ program we work on case studies. Our trainers, who conduct classes, are experienced business practitioners who have held leadership positions in Polish and international corporations. As a result, they know what those responsible for strategic management face and have tested various ways of dealing with the challenges. Our strategic management and strategy leadership training is firmly focused on practical knowledge, backed by scientific evidence and expert experience.

Yes, as part of our strategic leadership training, each participant gets access to the knowledge portal, which contains additional materials, including online training modules, content from our business magazines. Access to the knowledge portal is valid for the duration of the training and 12 months after the training - you can then use the materials whenever you want and on any device.

As a trainee, you receive a guarantee that allows you to cancel after 2 sessions and receive a 100% refund if at that time you feel the training does not meet your expectations. You can also change to another program that is more suited to your needs.

Yes, depending on your individual needs, you can purchase individual training sessions. If you would like to purchase a session of your choice, please contact us through the application form on the website or call the hotline at +22 250 11 40.

We issue an invoice on the first day of training. This allows the company to quickly include the training in its costs. Payment by installments is possible. There is also the possibility of obtaining funding from the National Training Fund, for which we help prepare applications.

Our training includes 10 two-day sessions (20 training days in total) that comprehensively discuss issues related to strategy, building a strong market position and competitive advantage. Unlike many strategic leadership training courses and academies, we approach the topic of strategy holistically, taking into account aspects such as the current geopolitical situation, the interrelationships and dependencies between departments that influence the strategic development of the company, new technologies and trends in personnel management. Our strategic management training is fueled by knowledge from the world's best sources - we are a partner of Massachussets Institute of Technology, the No. 1 university in the world according to official rankings. In addition, we adhere to the principle of evidence-based management, that is, we impart only methods based on science and supported by effectiveness studies.