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ICAN Institute has been conducting a unique executive education activity in Central and Eastern Europe since 1996. We support Polish entrepreneurs and managers in achieving success by providing them with proven knowledge in such areas as strategy, leadership, management and sales. We are the creator of the Polish edition of the Harvard Business Review and the first publisher in Europe of the MIT Sloan Management Review.

We run development programs for managers of every level and their companies, organize events with prominent foreign and Polish experts, publish books and magazines, and create inspiring communities through clubs. There is always a lot going on with us!

Discover the history of ICAN Institute

When I created the ICAN Institute more than 25 years ago, many of my friends said it was a crazy idea. Why? I had spent most of my adult life in Canada, where I finished my PhD in economics and management, and then became a professor and consultant. I had a comfortable life, but at the same time a sense of inadequacy. Therefore, when the economic system changed in Poland, I decided to return to the country and share my knowledge with Polish entrepreneurs and managers.

Despite the fact that many of my Canadian friends were knocking themselves on the head, for me it was a fascinating challenge. Today, ICAN Institute operates on a global scale, working with recognizable companies and experts. And when I look at the results of our work, I know that starting the company was the best decision I could have made!

Dr. Witold Jankowski
CEO of ICAN Institute

In August 2005, I joined Dr. Witold Jankowski as a partner. After 15 years in executive positions, I became a private entrepreneur. Based on the assumption that one third of one's life one learns, one third of one's life one earns, and then one third of one's life one serves - the decision to spend the rest of my professional life at ICAN Institute became obvious. I have been looking at the world through the eyes of ICAN training and conference participants for 18 years. I have absorbed their concerns, questions, dilemmas, emotions, dilemmas and passions, whether in times of prosperity or crises. I watched their companies conquer foreign markets, grow from "garage" companies into global corporations, and continue to send new generations of managers to our training courses and conferences. It was a fast, sometimes crazy "ride," full of twists and turns and potholes in the road, but it was and is "my ride of a lifetime." I wouldn't trade it for any other story! Thank you ICAN Alumni and Clients for continuing to make a difference to us for over 25 years.

Andrzej Jacaszek, DBA
Vice president and managing director of ICAN Institute

Key moments in our history

  • 1996

    Establishment of ICAN Institute

    We start modestly as a small company, but with big dreams and ambitions. There are many challenges and interesting projects ahead of us!

  • 1998

    First conferences

    We create a space for the exchange of experiences between experts and entrepreneurs. With each event, we fill up more and more rooms!

  • 1999

    Pioneers of e-learning in Poland

    We are starting cooperation with Harvard Business Publishing to develop Polish versions of internationally recognized e-learning programs.

  • 2000

    Management™ program launches

    The first edition of the development program for managers was a success! Management™ is still one of our best-selling trainings today.

  • 2003

    We publish "Harvard Business Review Poland"

    We launched the prestigious HBR magazine on the Polish market. The magazine was published until 2020. It is up to 207 issues filled with knowledge and inspiration!

  • 2007

    We are introducing closed-door training

    We are opening a Corporate Solutions department, responsible for creating dedicated training courses for companies. To date, we have completed more than 1,800 orders!

  • 2012

    Elite Leadership and Elite Sales conferences take off

    We are launching two series of conferences on leadership and sales with world speakers who came to Poland for the first time at our invitation!

  • 2017

    Launch of e-learning platform

    We are celebrating the successful debut of ICAN Business Advisor™, our e-learning platform. We are constantly updating it and enhancing it with new training modules.

  • 2019

    The first issue of "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland"

    We became the only publishers in Europe of the business magazine of the best university in the world - the Massachussetts Institute of Technology.

  • 2020

    Debut on the virtual stage

    We are moving online! We are holding our first online event in our own professional recording studio.

    ICAN Management Review - the author's magazine

    We are fulfilling the dream of having our own magazine! IMR was published until 2023. Numbers are available on our website, and we still publish special thematic issues.

  • 2023

    ICAN brand refresh

    We have taken care of the new look and functionality of our services to make using them more pleasant and even more intuitive.

See what areas we operate in

Our magazine

We are publishing the first edition of "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland" in Europe. It is a prestigious magazine connecting the worlds of business and technology, published under the license of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - a university recognized in rankings as the best in the world. The Polish edition has been enriched with national case studies and solutions applied in the EU. In the pages of the magazine we suggest how to implement groundbreaking business and technological ideas to build sustainable growth and always be one step ahead of your competitors.

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Open training for managers

We support the development of managers of all levels - from those taking their first steps in a leadership career to leaders at the highest levels. We provide training in leadership, management, strategy and sales. In teaching, we follow the principle of evidence-based, which means that everything we teach you in training is backed up by science and research.

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Closed trainings for companies

Need a solution perfectly tailored to the needs of your organization? We will create a dedicated training for you! Together with you, we will diagnose your company's situation, its challenges and sources of problems, and then we will select appropriate development solutions. Our closed-door trainings have already benefited such brands as McDonald's, Wedel, Continental, AstraZeneca, Medicover and Samsung.

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Meet with Polish and global business leaders! We organize conferences and congresses to which we invite prominent foreign experts and Polish practitioners, as well as webinars, business breakfasts and club meetings. Exchange knowledge and inspiration among interesting people!

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We are the first to introduce books on groundbreaking ideas in the business world to the Polish market. We publish award-winning publications by foreign authorities and Polish experts, including "The Mind of a Leader" by Friederike Fabritius, "Labyrinth" by Pawel Motyl, "Pricing Man" by Hermann Simon, "Leader of Wellbeing" by Ewa Stelmasiak. Read as you like (traditional book or e-book), and get inspired every day!

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Let's talk about your development

Contacting us about choosing a development path is non-committal. You can cancel from ICAN's open training courses after 1 or 2 class sessions (depending on the program you choose) with a 100% refund.