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ICAN Institute media collaboration and advertising

Present your company in the "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland" space and reach exceptional clients. Thousands of leaders read our magazine and attend MIT's signature events, so you'll reach Poland's top executives with your offer and make a lively connection with them, presenting your company as one of the industry's leading experts.

Advertising in the magazine

magazine case

Substantive presence in the pages of "MIT Sloan Management Poland"

This is a unique opportunity to present the company's achievements in the form of a case study at a thematic report. Share your experiences, point of view and best practices!

magazine ad

Advertising in the magazine "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland"

The magazine reaches more than 6100 subscribers (and according to our research is read by up to 25,000 managers). Your advertisement will be seen by a wide range of leaders from all over the country! Your brand recognition will increase and you will reach new customers.

custom magazine

Custom publishing materials

These are dedicated publications, reports and special issues that go to our readers along with regular issues of the magazine.

Sponsorship of congresses and conferences


Partnering with ICAN and MIT conferences and business meetings

We regularly organize conferences with the participation of world management authorities, conferences aimed at local entrepreneurs, numerous business breakfasts, debates and networking meetings. Our partners appear during the events as experts, present their offer at thematic stands, organize competitions with prizes for participants, etc. At the promotional stage of the event, we display the partner's logo in all marketing materials, and during the event on the stage and in the foyer of the building where the event takes place.

Partnership in the framework of thematic clubs

As part of the activities of the HR Clubs, the CFO Club and the Alumni Club, we organize networking meetings and webinars, and
also send members additional materials and special offers from our partners.

Virtual studio and webinars

See what online events we can do

The virtual studio allows you to realize recordings and online events at a television level.
Professional recordings using modern technology
emphasize the prestige of events and build the image of modern organizations.

We will realize for you:

  • Expert debates
  • Interactive webinars
  • Online workshops
  • Inspirational video
  • Promotional spots
  • Podcasts
  • Online mentoring
  • Online consultations

Webinars with moderated chat

Online meetings with moderated chat where representatives of your company can share their expert knowledge with the community around "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland". Our webinars are attended by an average of 150 - 200 people!

speakers bureau

ICAN Speakers Bureau

Our speakers at your events. With our speeches, we spark curiosity, educate and stimulate business leaders into action.

Mailing and online advertising

ad ican web

Advertising on

Among other things, we offer display ads (web banners of various sizes), sponsored articles and affiliate articles (or their entire cycles), and marketing content within special thematic subpages.

ad newsletter

Mailings to up to 25,000 readers of our newsletter

We prepare an audience base, paying attention to your preferred industries, positions, locations, etc.


ican research

ICAN Research

Research conducted by our research unit, ICAN Research. We have a database of presidents, board members and directors of the largest companies in Poland. The ICAN Institute brand has allowed us to build exclusive research panels, in which representatives of the largest companies in the country willingly participate.


Do you want to promote your business together with us, get new customers and increase
sales? Additional information on cooperation will be glad to provide:

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Catherine Szybisty

Project Manager

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Ewa Szczesik-Franczak

Publishing Director

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Małgorzata Sobolewska

Marketing Solutions Manager

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Barbara Kowalczyk

Barbara Kowalczyk

Marketing Solutions Manager

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Patrycja Sitarska

Patrycja Sitarska

Publications Coordinator

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