ICAN Sales Management Program™

Sales and sales management training for managers

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Launch: 05.04.2024
Class location: Warsaw
5 two-day sessions
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Gain the competencies necessary for sales managers

Do you want your sales team to perform better? Wondering how to attract talented salespeople to your department or improve your sales management process? Join the ICAN Sales Management Program™ - a one-of-a-kind training for sales managers!

It's 5 class sessions where you'll learn proven, research-backed methods for managing a sales department and the secrets to successful sales force recruitment, sales coaching and goal setting. It only takes 10 days a year to gain the competencies that will enable you and your salespeople to achieve great results and exceed the expectations of your superiors.

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The program will help you avoid 6 managerial mistakes that kill profits

A manager's lack of competence and weakness can derail the efforts of the entire sales team! See if you see these mistakes in your company.


Lack of consistency between salespeople's activities and the company's strategic goals.


Micromanagement of customer relationships, undermining salespeople's motivation and self-confidence and the established division of labor.


Failing to develop business acumen and teach it to their employees.


Manage only by setting goals and asking for improved performance, without providing guidance on how to achieve them.


Accepting praise for the team's successes and not sharing it with those who also deserve it.


Spending too much time on low-value activities, just because they are urgent or within your comfort zone.

At the ICAN Sales Management Program™, we'll teach you what will really work for you and prepare you for the challenges of a line manager's job.

Benefits of training for sales managers

See what results sales managers achieve after completing ICAN Sales Management Program™ training.

Benefits for the manager

You will develop the hard and soft skills necessary to successfully manage a team of salespeople.

  • You'll build a top-notch sales team - with the methods you've learned, you'll recruit and deploy the best, and keep them in the organization for the long term. You will spot the most interesting candidates faster than your competitors.
  • You will skillfully motivate and coach salespeople, so you can genuinely engage them in tasks. It's a straightforward path to achieving and even exceeding your goals.
  • You will increase the efficiency of your salespeople and be at peace with the results you report to your superiors. You will meet the expectations and challenges of your team with new tools.
  • You will develop as a leader in a practical way under the guidance of experienced trainers, as well as by exchanging insights with other participants and taking part in exercises and simulation games.

Benefits for the company

A good, effective line manager is a guarantee that the sales department will run smoothly and meet the set budget.

  • You are assured that sales activities are consistent with the company's goals and overall strategy, and that the sales department actively supports business development.
  • The company achieves better sales results, which translates into an improvement in the financial situation of the entire organization and preservation of liquidity. Sleep soundly without worrying about every penny!
  • Well-prepared managers and salespeople create stronger relationships with customers, which increases brand loyalty and promises ongoing orders, partnerships and cooperation.
  • Lower employee turnover and recruitment costs. Your salespeople don't run away from a weak manager to realize themselves in another company. They are motivated, and their actions are producing results.

Benefits for the team

Traders will get the kind of manager they need. One who is supportive, sets adequate goals and has a well-thought-out idea of the team's activities. After all, good employees don't leave companies, but poor bosses.

  • Precise goals - traders will know what to focus on in their activities. They will act in an orderly manner, which will help them command great results.
  • A boss who motivates and supports, rather than demotivates and micromanages. This attitude of a line manager increases the commitment of salespeople and makes them feel understood and appreciated.
  • A satisfying development path provided by their line manager through coaching and proper implementation. Development opportunities are highly valued by ambitious salespeople.

Who the ICAN Sales Management Program™ is for.

Grow with managers who have similar challenges but different experiences from different industries.

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For sales line managers - those who work directly with salespeople and are key to increasing their commitment and effectiveness

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For sales directors who comprehensively manage both the sales process and the sales team on a daily basis

Stories of leaders who have succeeded with ICAN

See how participation in our programs has affected their work and careers.


Michal Wronka

Business Unit Director CVRM

ICAN Sales Management Program™ is the answer to a very important need to develop the competencies of line sales managers, who are key to achieving results. I myself have looked for such a program many times, but they were too general - a lot of theory and not enough specifics. As a participant in the ICAN Total Selling™ program (sales director level), I benefited a lot when I applied the new knowledge to my organization. In my opinion, the ICAN Sales Management Program™ looks very interesting. Based on my own experience, I can confidently recommend ICAN Institute programs.


Krzysztof Tubacki

Sales Director

It just so happened that right after the first session of the program I had to resolve a conflict in my sales department. I immediately knew what to do: I used the techniques we had the opportunity to practice with the rest of the participants during the workshop, solving case studies. This experience showed me early on how practical the ICAN Sales Management Program™ is. Subsequent sessions brought new solutions that I was able to implement in the company on an ongoing basis and observe the first results while still in training.

Wagon Service Ostróda

Slawomir Garwacki

Managing Director

Changing market conditions and the associated decline in sales led the organization to decide to streamline its sales and marketing processes. Participation in ICAN's Total Selling™ program helped managers to plan, set and achieve their goals, manage their sales team, and learn the latest solutions to implement the new strategy and effectively manage the change.

Sobanski Energy

Pawel Węcłowski

President of the Management Board of Sobanscy Energy

The ICAN Total Selling™ program, for example, has helped me better divide the tasks in the sales team to match their aptitude. This has improved the comfort and quality of their work, and thus their sales results. We were also able to increase the efficiency of the induction process for new salespeople. We have shortened it from 12 to 6 months. We are catching recruiting mistakes faster, and new salespeople are starting to achieve results similar to employees with many years of experience in their first year.

What you will learn in the ICAN Sales Management™ sales program.

Check out the content coverage of each of the 5 sessions. You can find a detailed list of issues in the brochure, which you can download for free.


Roles of a sales manager - between strategy and execution ("hard" and "soft" success factors)

Participants will learn what the role of a line manager is in the context of implementing the company's strategy and sales strategy. They will also learn the differences between leading (leadership) and managing. They will do exercises, including analyzing their delegation and time management skills. They will develop hard and soft competencies: emotional intelligence, building trust in a team, motivating, creating a culture that supports proactivity and responsibility. Through this session, participants will increase their self-awareness of themselves as a leader and sales manager.


Planning, goal setting and implementation: an integrated model

Managers will learn about the ACR model as a tool for linking the company's strategic goals and the sales team's tasks and activities, and then practice building a cascade of sales goals. Through this, they will learn how to set specific goals for salespeople and verify that they are relevant and achievable. They will also learn how to apply the SMART formula in sales and use it to clarify goals. They will also learn the most important sales metrics and tips on how to avoid common mistakes when monitoring sales.


Sales team management: recruitment and implementation, development, optimization

Participants will be provided with methods and tools to attract the best salespeople, keep them in the company for the long term and ensure a rewarding development path. They will learn how to create recruitment profiles and reach out to the most interesting candidates, as well as how to implement and develop new hires. In doing so, they will create a top-notch sales team - motivated, close-knit and goal-oriented.


Motivation and coaching in sales: theory, practice and result

In this session, participants will explore the topic of motivation of salespeople: its different types and practical applications to authentically encourage rather than demotivate. With this knowledge, managers will prevent team burnout. They will also learn how coaching in sales differs from typical coaching, who should be coached and how to develop their own competence in this area to avoid mistakes that worsen team performance.


The sales manager as a participant in the company's value creation process: from business acumen to effective value creation

During this session, participants will learn the basics of strategic thinking (company strategy and business model) and financial analysis, including how to understand key concepts and read reports. This knowledge will allow managers to better understand their own company and the customer's business, so they will create additional value for the customer in the sales process. They will participate in a simulation game. In addition, they will gain digital competencies related to sales transformation and the latest technologies affecting sales (not just AI).

Download the free brochure and check out the detailed training program and additional materials for each session.
Download the brochure
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Meet our experts

They are: established practitioners, researchers and leaders who will work with you during our program.

portrait Marek Gliwny

Marek Gliwny
ICAN Institute expert and lecturer, management practitioner, psychologist and manager

portrait Grzegorz Łapiński

Grzegorz Lapinski
Long-time business practitioner and experienced manager, Business Expert at ICAN Institute

portrait Agnieszka Bochacka

Agnieszka Bochacka
Expert in the area of digital transformation, MBA Digital Transformation

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Your acquired competence is confirmed by the ICAN Institute certificate

Each participant in ICAN Institute's development program will receive a prestigious certificate. This is a document that is valued in the labor market and is desirable for both recruitment processes and internal succession plans.

ICAN Sales Management Program™ Training Location

The training takes place in Warsaw at the headquarters of ICAN Institute. It is a convenient, well-connected location right next to the Wilanowska Metro station. As a result, participants will have no problem getting there.

The ICAN Sales Management Program™ consists of 5 two-day class sessions (10 days total), held once a month on a Wednesday-Thursday or Friday-Saturday schedule. You will plan in advance to attend the classes or take advantage of the opportunity to make up a given session at another time. Check the training schedule and find out when the next group starts.

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Witold Jankowski - guarantee

Quality guarantee: zero risk and reimbursement

We know that investing in a program can come with concerns. That's why we are the only ones in Poland to offer you a unique quality guarantee: if after 1 session (2 class days) you decide that the training does not meet your expectations, you can cancel your participation and receive a full refund.

Yes, we will refund your money 100%. There is no risk associated with participating in the training, only growth opportunities and real results.

Dr. Witold Jankowski

CEO of ICAN Institute

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Business club for graduates

After completing the training, you can join the Alumni Club. Our community brings together leaders, managers, CEOs and directors from all over Poland. This is an elite group of people who focus on development, exchange of ideas and mutual support. This is where true friendships, business partnerships and mentoring are formed. See the value of being with us!

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Want to know even more?

Do you have questions? Get a free consultation with an expert. We will discuss your development needs and help you decide whether to participate in the program.

Magdalena Witek
Director of Sales Structure, ICAN Institute
For 25 years, we have continuously shared best practices in management and sales. One thing remains constant - the right training selection starts with an open conversation. Let's talk about your needs and I'll help point you in the right direction.
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Frequently asked questions

This question requires a thorough diagnosis of the problems present in your career or company. What area are your challenges? What attempts at solutions have already been tested? What are the barriers to development? To accurately diagnose your development needs, contact our consultant.
Even after the first training sessions. For example, at the first workshop of the Strategic Leadership Academy™ program, participants (CEOs and board members) were tasked with "creating" a competitor to beat them in the market. They then considered what their corporate resources could reduce the rival's clout. The 2-day workshop gave participants a bird's-eye view of their organization and built a strategic foundation for which there was previously no time due to the daily hustle and bustle.
That's great! By meeting people from a competing company, we can see what problems they have and how they deal with them. Such information cannot be obtained from any other source. This intermingling of industries, both competitive and completely unrelated, allows us to generate unique ideas.
It depends on whether the problem is disclosed or not. Often participants think that certain problems present in the company are due to causes beyond their control, while in fact they may be the result of their own managerial mistakes, a competence gap or the use of outdated management methods, etc. Even if the problem is not solved right away, it will certainly be diagnosed correctly. Together we will find the right ways and tools to solve it.
Of course. This need is met by our Alumni Club, where trainees can benefit from each other's knowledge and experience. In addition to this, each graduate receives personalized content from ICAN, so that they always have at hand the articles, reports and analyses that are most interesting to them. What's more, trainees have repeatedly created their own groups on LinkedIn or Whatsapp to extend networking beyond the training room.
Time is one of the most obvious constraints on our participants. That's why programs most often take place every 2 weeks or once a month. This allows you to catch your breath in learning, reflect on your career and company, and systematize the knowledge you have gained and start implementing it in your company to share the results at the next session.

We issue an invoice on the first day of training. This allows the company to quickly include the training in its costs. Payment by installments is possible. There is also the possibility of obtaining funding from the National Training Fund, for which we help prepare applications.
For each training course you receive a guarantee that allows you to cancel after 1 session or 2 sessions (depending on the program) and receive a 100% refund. You can also change to another program that is more suited to your needs.
Yes, depending on your individual needs, you can purchase individual training sessions.

When considering the choice of training for managers and executives, it is worth first determining what competencies they need to develop. Will it be soft competencies, such as communication, motivation, feedback, mental toughness of a leader, or hard competencies, related to knowledge of specific management methods, goal setting, employee evaluation or basics of financial and economic analysis. Therefore, in order to choose the best training for an employee, it is necessary to take into account the employee's position, experience, career stage, responsibilities and business objectives to be achieved.

It is worth choosing certified training, which ends with the manager obtaining a document confirming the acquisition of knowledge and competence. The certificate is a guarantee for the company that the training is characterized by high quality and level of content, and for the employee it is a valuable element to add to his CV and a tool that builds his image as an expert in his field.