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Training for CEOs and business owners

  • Bet on the practical development of the competencies necessary for successful business management.
  • Learn about ICAN Institute's training courses for CEOs and business owners, as well as the schedule, presenters and location of the training courses.
  • Choose the training that best meets your development needs and company challenges.

Up-to-date training for CEOs and business owners

Personal Leadership Academy™

Soft skills development program in the area of personal leadership. Teaches how to build a strong personal brand, authority and influence in an organization. Develops negotiation skills. This is a program focused on you! Recommended for top level leaders.



A practical alternative to MBA programs for middle and senior managers. You will gain competencies in business and team management including strategy development, negotiation, marketing, talent acquisition and economic analysis.

Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan

Strategic Leadership Academy™

Training for people who want to gain strategic management competencies: CEOs, business owners, board members and directors. It teaches, among other things, how to create a strategy, make quick and accurate decisions, manage the value of the company and its revenues.


Strategic Sales Leadership™

Training for middle and senior leaders who are responsible for sales strategy. Teaches how to plan and execute a strategy, manage the customer relationship, manage margins and negotiate. Sell more with a thoughtful strategy!


Neuroleadership Academy™

The most advanced training ICAN offers for experienced high-level leaders. Learn how to use brain knowledge for better management. Become a neuroleader and gain above-average effectiveness at the organizational and team levels.



What kind of training for business owners and CEOs

Continuous development and verification of one's competence are needed to manage one's business efficiently. Our training courses for business owners and CEOs are an opportunity to learn under the guidance of experts with years of business experience among other CEOs, entrepreneurs, directors and board members.

Managing a company requires extensive knowledge, knowledge of management methods and the ability to apply them in practice, which is often more complex than the situations described in management textbooks. That is why our training courses for business owners and CEOs teach such competencies as:

  • Company strategy creation and implementation; what is an agile strategy,
  • Team management, people management, business management,
  • Employee motivation, coaching, mentoring,
  • Sales management, creating sales strategies,
  • Managing yourself: emotions, stress, energy,
  • Developing a leader's personal brand, building authority,
  • Assessment of the company's condition, economic situation and value.

Recommended training for business owners and CEOs

Among top management, such ICAN programs as Management™, Strategic Leadership Academy™ and Neuroleadership Academy™ are popular. These are strongly practical and comprehensive training courses for business owners and CEOs who want to learn the latest methods of managing and creating strategies for the organization. For entrepreneurs who are personally involved in the company's sales processes, we recommend the Sales Strategic Leadership™ training.

Meanwhile, for owners and CEOs who want to focus on the development of soft skills in personal leadership and personal brand building, we recommend Personal Leadership Academy™ training. Our experts teach negotiation techniques, the art of self-presentation and influencing in an organization, as well as how to take and hold power ethically and wisely.

Our training courses for business owners and CEOs are a guarantee of practical, workshop classes with experienced experts and valuable exchange of knowledge, inspiration and contacts among ambitious leaders from all over Poland.

Location and schedule of training for business owners and CEOs

Trainings are held in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan and Gdansk. Warsaw groups have classes at ICAN Institute headquarters near the Wilanowska Metro station. This is a well-connected location, making it much easier and more convenient to get to training for business owners and CEOs.

In addition, classes are held in two-day sessions once a month on Wednesday-Thursday or Friday-Saturday. It is also possible to make up classes at other times, so that participants can easily balance development with their professional obligations.

Let's talk about your development

Contacting us about choosing a development path is non-committal. You can cancel from ICAN programs at any stage of training, getting a 100% refund.