Create and implement a winning sales strategy responsive to today's volatile and uncertain markets.

Start: 06.09.2024
Class location: Warsaw
8 two-day sessions

The world of sales is changing fast
Adapt your strategy to it

The ways of communicating with customers are transforming before our eyes. Innovative digital tools are entering the mix, as well as a new generation of employees with a completely different work ethos. Therefore, existing sales management strategies are no longer working.

With our development program, you will learn what to do not to stand still, and at the same time - to make a change while minimizing risks.

Join us for comprehensive sessions developed by practitioners for practitioners, combined with implementation workshops, as well as invaluable networking meetings.

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Stories of leaders who have succeeded with ICAN

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Benefit Systems

Wojciech Szwarc

Director of Partner Relations Department

A well-thought-out and constantly improved sales strategy is the key to building a market leadership position. We have been supported for years by ICAN Institute in our efforts on behalf of our partners and in the development of our company. The institute's development programs and business tools allow us to successfully achieve ambitious goals and maintain a stable position in the fitness industry. I sincerely recommend you to participate in the ICAN Institute's latest program - I am sure it will be an investment that will result in better sales results in your companies.

Q Broker sp. z o.o.


Wieslaw Mroz

CEO & Co-owner

I took part in the program from the ICAN Selling™ lineup out of a need for inspiration, which in a rapidly changing market plays a very important role in sales management success. The times when once chosen strategy lasted for years are long gone! The program allowed me to develop a new strategy for my agency division, in the implementation of which an improved value proposition and three indicators have become key: the right sales force activities, the right target customer and the degree of market saturation in each segment. I recommend the latest program in the ICAN Selling™ line to all sales executives!

Benefits of the program

Development of your strategic competencies is a gain for the entire organization

Benefits for the manager

You will gain the hard and soft competencies necessary to build a flexible strategy, as well as to effectively manage and motivate a team.

  • You will learn to think about strategy long-term and flexibly at the same time. And you will also learn how to effectively build a bridge between sales and other departments.
  • You will understand how to build intrinsic motivation in your team, taking into account the neruoriversity of its members, and - how to stimulate people to create innovative solutions.
  • You will exchange experiences with leaders in other industries, and make valuable contacts that you can maintain in the Alumni Club.
  • You will receive, a prestigious, market-recognized certificate: concrete proof of leadership competence improvement allowing you to develop your own career.

Benefits for the company

The company will be able to take a realistic look at its sales strategy and modify it so that it translates into real profits.

  • Better customer segmentation and tailoring of offers and outreach methods, leading to business growth even in stable industries.
  • Achieve alignment between sales strategy, marketing strategy, and overall company strategy.
  • Build innovative competence in the dimensions of offerings, processes and customer outreach methods in response to market needs and the emergence of new technologies.
  • Retaining and growing existing customers: identifying hidden business development opportunities in the existing customer base.

Benefits for the team

Your company's team will be better managed, and thus more engaged and internally motivated to work.

  • Traders will be given more realistic goals, so their motivation will not drop.
  • Introducing new, innovative solutions and management approaches will improve the ability to accomplish tasks.
  • Taking into account the neurodiversity of team members will allow more appropriate assignment of tasks and positions.

Challenges of sales in Poland

See what mistakes are worth avoiding

As many Polish companies still have an informal, casual sales process

Sales activities in Polish companies end up wasting time and resources due to lack of strategy

So many Polish companies admit they have trouble standing out from the competition

Source: CSO Insights

At ICAN Strategic Sales Leadership™, we'll teach you what will really work for you and prepare you for the challenges of a manager's job.

Find out the scope of the session

See what you can learn and what competencies you will acquire


Winning sales strategy: how to create, implement and update it?

You will learn what elements an effective sales strategy consists of and how it should be verified. You will learn about the process of customer selection: (general segmentation versus sales segmentation). You will learn how to identify opportunities and possibilities in different geographic markets. And also, how to build a multi-channel sales structure. And finally - how to solve the dilemma of operationalization, i.e. translating strategy into concrete goals and activities of salespeople.


Key processes for implementing the sales strategy

You will learn about the scaled sales model and how to implement it. You will learn how to build a system capable of consistently generating new revenue. You will develop your knowledge of the types of sales leads: how to generate and manage them. You will also learn about the possibilities of social selling from a marketing and sales perspective.


Customer relationship management: segmentation, sales methods, retention, value development over time

In this session, we will learn about the economics of the customer relationship: how to make it a profitable relationship? We will also learn ways to adjust sales methods in the customer life cycle and hit the customer at the right time. We will also define the term "key customer" - who is it and what opportunities does it offer? We will learn how to deal with competitors. We will learn ways to strengthen relationships and build barriers to entry for rivals.


Sales teams and structures: building, managing, leading (implementation by Marek Gliwny and Tristan Tresar)

You will learn how to profile candidates for the sales team, a core competency in recruiting today. You will discover the hidden weaknesses of candidates, undermining their chances of success in sales. You will learn effective and modern ways to develop salespeople. You will learn how to combine different methods and how to build an organizational culture focused on results, but also on values.


Coaching, development and motivation of sales teams

In this session, we will learn methods for diagnosing problems related to salespeople's activities at different stages of the sales cycle. We will also show the impact of generational differences on salespeople's motivation and sales effectiveness, as well as ways to stimulate underperformers. We will also emphasize the importance of daily inspiration and a positive attitude.


Margin management in sales: between offer, price and discount policy

You will learn how to update prices according to customer sensitivities, as well as how to defend them, even when our products are similar to those of our competitors. You will learn methods for checking the profitability of deals made by salespeople, as well as how to deal with the "discount jungle" phenomenon? We also present various methods of effective margin defense.


Neurocommunication, persuasion and negotiation in sales

How does the brain work in the context of different types of sales communication? What is a strategic approach to negotiation? This is what you will learn in this session. You will also learn ways to effectively combine the negotiation process and the sales process. Our experts will share practical tips. You will also learn how to avoid the "relationship trap" as well. How not to fall into it when the desire to build lasting relationships kills sales and margin?


Innovation in sales: dimensions of offerings, methods, processes and organization

What is meant by "innovation in sales"? Which ones are currently the most important? This is what we will find out in the last session. What is a value proposition? How to design it? We will also learn about the principles of design thinking. You will also learn how to be a sales leader - to become an innovator in the company at the same time. You will learn how to sell new offerings and break down the barriers of salespeople and customers when it comes to new products.

Meet our experts

They are: established practitioners, researchers and leaders who will work with you during our program

portrait Andrzej Jacaszek DBA

Andrzej Jacaszek DBA
Vice President and Managing Director of ICAN Institute

portrait Marek Gliwny

Marek Gliwny
ICAN Institute expert and lecturer, management practitioner, psychologist and manager

portrait Grzegorz Łapiński

Grzegorz Lapinski
Long-time business practitioner and experienced manager, Business Expert at ICAN Institute

portrait Agnieszka Węglarz

Agnieszka Węglarz
Strata woman and manager with more than 20 years of experience in business, marketing and sales.

portrait of Dominik Pikul

Dominika Pikul

portrait Grzegorz Furtak

Grzegorz Furtak
Expert in pricing and monetization strategies

portrait Ewa Szejner

Ewa Szejner
Negotiator, Contract Management Expert

portrait by Dr. Iwo Zmyślony

Dr. Iwo Zmyślony
Designer of change, methodologist of design processes, anthropologist of design and new technologies

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Your acquired competence is confirmed by the ICAN Institute certificate

Each participant in ICAN Institute's development program will receive a prestigious certificate. This is a document that is valued in the labor market and is desirable for both recruitment processes and internal succession plans.

Quality Guarantee:
certainty of benefit + zero risk

Our training takes as its basis the world's best methods proven in practice by the most effective global leaders. The methods are based on solid scientific foundations. Therefore, we give you the following guarantees.


Quality guarantee

Classes are taught exclusively by experienced consultants using original, practical ICAN Institute materials and studies - as well as the results of the latest research and "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland" materials and tools.


Benefit Guarantee

The knowledge and skills gained during the training will lead to concrete benefits in the participants' companies in the form of greater effectiveness of leaders and their organizations.

Witold Jankowski - guarantee

Quality guarantee: zero risk and reimbursement

If after two class sessions you decide that the program does not meet your needs, we offer a full refund of the training costs. Thus, there is no risk associated with participation, only the possibility of tangible benefits.

Dr. Witold Jankowski

CEO of ICAN Institute

Witold Jankowski - signature

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