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A program to eliminate problems and risks in the early stages of a manager's career

ICAN First-Time Manager Intense™ is a training course for first-time managers, helping them find their way in a new role and gain confidence in their management position. The online cohort version retains the substantive qualities of the desktop version of the training, while the classroom formula is aligned with the highest standards of remote learning.

The online program combines group classes with self-work (assignments to be completed, additional materials, discussions on the portal). Short, interactive live sessions with experts ensure effective learning and networking. If you're tired of online courses that only involve passively watching recordings - then First-Time Manager Intense™ is for you and your business!

Discover the new formula of the bestselling program for the development of young managers

What makes First-Time Manager™ online not a boring e-learning? Watch the video and find out!

Who First-Time Manager Intense™ training is for.

The training is aimed at managers in the early stages of their careers. This is an opportunity to exchange experiences with people from different industries, but with similar challenges.

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For managers with short tenure in a new role who want to organize their knowledge


For professionals being prepared for promotion to manager


For managers who want to verify their management skills


For entrepreneurs who are growing their business and increasing their teams of employees

Benefits of online managerial training

Discover the advantages of remote learning and find out that it is just as effective as onsite training.

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Benefits for employees

  • Time saving - you don't waste time and energy commuting. As a result, you are better rested and motivated to learn.
  • The ability to balance professional responsibilities with education. You don't have to disappear from work for a whole day to gain knowledge. That's no backlog at work!
  • Interactive exercises and gamification. A variety of formats - from videos to group assignments - ensures that each session is interesting and motivating.
  • Networking without leaving home. Virtual chat rooms, project groups, and forums allow you to build relationships.
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Benefits for the company

  • Ability to provide development to distributed employees. This is a great convenience for companies with several branches or working remotely/hybrid.
  • Cost savings. Online training involves fewer expenses (no need to rent a room, travel, catering, etc.). This is a great option for companies with smaller budgets.
  • Flexibility and ease of training organization. All you need to do is connect to the class, and materials are provided digitally.
  • The classes do not disrupt the flow of operations. Sessions last only 3 hours, without disrupting the work of the organization and its employees.

Stories of leaders who have succeeded with ICAN

See how the training helped young managers meet the challenges in their new role and advance their careers.

Pandora Jewelry CEE



Head of Commercial Department

I heartily recommend ICAN First-Time Manager™ to those who are about to start managing a team. And also to those who have been immediately thrown in at the deep end and are already struggling with leadership responsibilities - this program is a valuable "lifeline" for them! The ITL First-Time Manager™ program gives participants invaluable knowledge about themselves: their competencies, predispositions, characters... Taking part in it, I learned not only practical methods of leading a team. I also learned how I can use my individual qualities to be a better manager.




E-commerce Director

Being promoted to a managerial position means taking on a great deal of responsibility. The First-Time Manager™ program allowed me to successfully meet this challenge and to better understand the function a manager should perform. Currently managing a growing team. I recommend the program to people who are taking their first steps in a managerial position. The knowledge and tools that are imparted to participants by experienced professionals perfectly prepare them for a managerial role.

Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA



Head of Training Department

ICAN Institute's training courses have been valued in our company for many years because of the individualized approach to participant development and the strong emphasis on practical knowledge. Participation in the First-Time Manager™ program gave me a new perspective on how a manager's work should look like, how I should communicate with my subordinates and build good relations in the team, and what I can do better to get the desired results. The huge dose of knowledge ready for immediate implementation, the extraordinary atmosphere of the classes and the trainers, whom I will probably remember for the rest of my life, have already made me think about attending more trainings.

Cushman & Wakefield



Associate Director, Head of Marketing and Business Development

The First-Time Manager™ program is ideally suited to the needs of managers who want to improve their management skills, but do not have excess free time. Classes are conducted in the form of practical workshops that develop key managerial skills, including the ability to manage a team, build relationships, resolve conflicts and manage stress. The knowledge is conveyed in a concise, concrete, but interesting way, allowing you to immediately apply the solutions in practice. This is time well invested!

How does the First-Time Manager™ online training work?

The training consists of 5 thematic blocks, which are divided into smaller modules. Classes with a trainer are held once every 2 weeks. The short but intensive formula allows to focus on learning and is not tiring for participants. Each meeting is an opportunity to learn key management principles and practice them through interactive group work, implementation tasks and joint discussion.

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Framework of the program

  • 5 thematic blocks divided into modules
  • A total of 10 live sessions (once every 2 weeks)
  • Additional kick-off and introductory session
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Design of activities

  • Intensive group classes (6 hours each)
  • 20% theory and concepts - 80% practice
  • Exercises, work in break-out rooms, forum discussions

What companies will benefit most from online training?

Find out when remote learning will be the best solution for an organization and its managers.

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Geographically dispersed companies

Online training solves the problems of organizing classes for companies that have branches in different cities or work with specialists from all over the country (or even the world).

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Companies working hybrid/remote

The online formula provides flexibility and lack of commuting, making it ideal for companies with remote employees.

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Companies that prefer online learning

Allowing employees to learn the way they like increases motivation and commitment to training. Learning is more effective!

ICAN First-Time Manager™ Intense schedule

The training consists of 5 thematic blocks, divided into smaller modules. See what you will learn!


The role of the manager

You will understand the main challenges of the role of a manager and learn the key competencies that make up your success.

  • Today's work environment and the roles and tasks of managers
  • From specialist to manager: an unexpected change in roles
  • Competency model of a modern manager
  • Leadership styles vs. team maturity
photo Jacek Gwóźdź Jacek Gwóźdź

Communication and relationships

You will gain communication skills that will help you communicate and collaborate effectively.

  • The role of communication versus the tasks of a manager
  • Building your own communication style
  • Communication vs. relationship building
  • Communication vs. exerting influence
photo by Dominika Krysinska Dominika Krysinska

Working with the team

You will learn the secret of effective teams and methods for setting goals, monitoring progress and delegating tasks.

  • Teams vs. teamwork
  • Team building
  • Team management
  • Troubleshooting of team issues
photo by Piotr Stohnij Piotr Stohnij

Motivation and commitment

You will understand the manager's role as a coach, so you can improve team performance and increase motivation and commitment.

  • Motivation: sources and dimensions
  • Building commitment
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Creating a motivating work environment
photo by Lukasz Szymula Luke Szymula

Managing yourself

You will learn methods to manage yourself, so you will simultaneously achieve better performance at work and advance your career with a sense of personal fulfillment.

  • The self-aware manager
  • Control over emotions
  • Own productivity
  • Between work life and private life
photo by Aleksandra Kreczmanska Aleksandra Kreczmanska

Program schedule

Kick off


The role of the manager



POST WORK: implementation tasks

DIAGNOSTICS: Effective Manager Assessment (EMA™).

GROUP FORUM: networking and exchange of experiences among participants

PREWORK for Session 2

Communication and relationships



POST WORK: implementation tasks

DIAGNOSTICS: ICAN Personal Communication Style™: a study of communication style

GROUP FORUM: networking and exchange of experiences among participants

PREWORK for Session 3

Working with the team



POST WORK: implementation tasks

GROUP FORUM: networking and exchange of experiences among participants

PREWORK for Session 4

Motivation and commitment



POST WORK: implementation tasks

GROUP FORUM: networking and exchange of experiences among participants

PREWORK for Session 5

Managing yourself



Program alumni reunion:

Meeting within the framework of the Alumni Club


Path between blocks

That's not all!

Download the brochure and check out the detailed session plan and the reasons why online training is just as effective as classroom training.

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Meet our experts

They are: recognized practitioners, researchers and leaders who will work with you during our training.

portrait Piotr Stohnij

Piotr Stohnij
Expert in new marketing and generational change in business

portrait Dominika Krysinska

Dominika Krysinska
Expert on HR, development of leaders and their teams

portrait Aleksandra Kreczmanska

Aleksandra Kreczmanska
Self-aware leadership expert

portrait Lukasz Szymula

Luke Szymula
Business practitioner, business mentor

portrait Jacek Nail

Jacek Gwóźdź
Business consultant and Coach

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Your acquired competence is confirmed by the ICAN Institute certificate

Each participant in ICAN Institute's development program will receive a prestigious certificate. This is a document that is valued in the labor market and is desirable for both recruitment processes and internal succession plans.

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Quality guarantee: zero risk and reimbursement

We know that investing in training can come with concerns. That's why we are the only ones in Poland to offer you a unique quality guarantee: if after the first block of topics (modules 1-4) you decide that the training does not meet your expectations, you can cancel your participation and receive a full refund.

Yes, we will refund your money 100%. There is no risk associated with participating in the training, only growth opportunities and real results.

Dr. Witold Jankowski

CEO of ICAN Institute

Witold Jankowski - signature

Business club for graduates

After completing the training, you can join the Alumni Club. Our community brings together leaders, managers, CEOs and directors from all over Poland. This is an elite group of people who focus on development, exchange of ideas and mutual support. This is where true friendships, business partnerships and mentoring are formed. See the value of being with us!

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Want to know even more?

Do you have questions? Get a free consultation with an expert. We will discuss your development needs and help you decide whether to participate in the program.

Magdalena Witek

Magdalena Witek

Director of Sales Structure, ICAN Institute
For 25 years, we have continuously shared best practices in management and sales. One thing remains constant - the right training selection starts with an open conversation. Let's talk about your needs and I'll help point you in the right direction.

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Frequently asked questions

The online version of First-Time Manager™ offers a number of opportunities for networking and collaboration. We use tools such as virtual chat rooms, project groups and forums that allow you to build relationships and work together, even remotely. In addition, participants already in training can take advantage of ICAN Institute Alumni Club opportunities.

Our online training is designed to be dynamic and engaging. A variety of formats - from videos to interactive sessions to group assignments - ensure that each session is engaging and motivating. Online sessions are conducted live by experienced trainers. In addition, we use interactive tools such as surveys, quizzes and simulation games to keep the class engaged and dynamic. Learning is staggered - classes are held once a week and last for 3 hours so that participants can maintain the right level of focus and don't get tired of being in front of a computer screen for too long.

Yes, as much as possible! As a participant of the training, you get access to the knowledge portal, where you will find materials from the classes and additional publications, allowing you to expand your knowledge on your own. At your disposal are recordings of ICAN conferences with the participation of world management experts, up-to-date content from "MIT Sloan Management Review Poland" magazine and a database of articles from "Harvard Business Review Poland" and "ICAN Management Review" magazines, as well as a guide to implementing the knowledge from the classes, developed by our experts.

As a participant in Management™ training, you receive a guarantee that allows you to cancel after the first block of topics (modules 1-4) and receive a 100% refund if at that time you feel the training does not meet your expectations. You can also change to another program that is more suited to your needs.

We issue an invoice on the first day of training. This allows the company to quickly include the training in its costs. Payment by installments is possible. There is also the possibility of obtaining funding from the National Training Fund, for which we help prepare applications.